Yuzina Art Center: REALITY CHECK



08 July – 15 September 2014

48, Sitnyakovo Blvd., Sofia – Serdika Offices

The collection“ Reality check” of Yonko Vassilev is a result of the catharsis that it’s been through during one dramatic decade after 1989. The end of Communism! The year in which peoples from Eastern Europe were freed from the burden of thematic pressure.The artist express most convincingly the trends in Contemporary Bulgarian Art after 1989. 

The catharsis of values and the spirituality that took place led on the one hand to a modernist rhetoric for unification with the West, to the adoption, of already outdated “-isms”. It came in its devoltion to expression, and the symbolic load of the line and the colour. Yonko's traces are the most objective answer to the durability and strength of art as an act of spirituality and responsibility to his time. 

Desislava Moneva

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