Yuzina Art Center: X X L 2014

X X L  2014

Boris Serginov, Ghenadi Gatev, Georgi Tushev, Georgi Iankov, Ivan Kiuranov, Iva Yaranova, Kosio Minchev, Rosen Toshev, RASSIM, Svilen Stefanov

Curator: prof. Svilen Stefanov

13 February – 15 March 2014

48, Sitnyakovo Blvd., Sofia, Serdika Offices

The XXL Group arises in the 1990s in Sofia. In 1994 it was established by Ghenadi Gatev, Houben Cherkelov, Kosio Minchev, Georgi Toushev, Svilen Stefanov, Ivan Kiuranov and Slavi Slavov. Over the years the group has included in its activity artists such as Krasimir Dobrev, Georgi Rouzhev, Rosen Toshev, Dimiter Yaranov, Boris Serginov, David D'agostino, Iva Yaranova, Georgi Yankov and many others.

From 1996 to 2003 the group establishes and develops the XXL Gallery in Sofia where all the important contemporary authors and groups in the country open exhibitions; the gallery also maintains active communication with authors from around the world. Having started as an alternative to the mental heritage of communism and the pathology of the post-communistic reality in art, the XXL is a symbol of anarchistic behavior including disregard towards the so-called authorities and a creation of a whole counter culture position.

Today when the means of expression of neo-conceptualism  have become compulsory in the institutional art world,  the XXL authors once again reject the norm drawing on painting and burying and pathetic remains of conceptualism and its local derivates. The artists' tendency towards portrayal and materiality is an intentional position, which looks for a way out of the actual death of the social function of contemporary art.

prof. Svilen Stefanov

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