Victoria Art Center: Cheeese! by Filippo Berta

Victoria Art Center (Calea Victoriei 12 C, Bucharest)

23rd of January – 16th of February, 2013

Opening: 23rd of January, 18h00.

At 19h00, the performance Cheeese! by Filippo Berta will take place in the gallery space.

Confidence: feeling of assurance coming from the belief that one can have faith in someone or something unreservedly.

It's an undeniable fact that putting our trust firmly in people, principles, political and economic systems, ideological superstructures is very attractive. To put yourself in the hands of someone else whose only design is your own wellbeing means to have a point of reference which can satisfy our human need for certainty.

However can we remember the last time we were in the position to do that?

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