TATHĀGATA @ Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj



Vernisaj: 11 Aprilie 2014, ora 19

Video, 40 min

The film is a meditative essay composed of moments filmed in 2012: a day and a night spent around the lake called The Blue Lagoon. 

"Tathāgata" is a Sanskrit word which means "arriving at that"; "that" meaning being as such, the existence emptied of attributes and mental projections. The film is an attempt to arrive there, caused by the strange and sad encounter with a silent boy and by the terrifying night spent in the whistling wind and delusions.

"Tathāgata" is part of the exhibition "Disenchantment Day" organized by Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest.

Lateral Art Space 


Fabrica de Pensule 

Henri Barbusse 59-61

Cluj-Napoca, România

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