Tallinn Art Hall Gallery: Krista Mölder, Neeme Külm. “Being present”

Fri 30 November – Thu 27 December 2012

The cooperative installation by Krista Mölder and Neeme Külm stems from their shared interest in interior spaces and the possibilities of perceiving them.

A pause. A room full of shadows. Some light trickling through from somewhere. A barely audible sound, a hallway, air standing still on photographs, mirroring a room in another room, right here, like somewhere else. Almost nothing. This is so goddamn easy it’s losing meaning. A flow from one room to the other. Attention focuses on something not really seen. Air. A sense of being there, for the room’s sake. When entering at an inopportune moment, as if through a back door, the room resembles a bag turned inside out, the location’s significance and the essence of the piece blurred. A need to understand ― a cognitive vacuum ― emerges. A room between two rooms that is not a room. A sensitivity to light, the existence of “me”. This is it. Pleasure and the yearning for it. Pleasure that makes one hanker after something. Something is missing, and this absence is trying to make itself disappear. If you focus on the lamp and not the door, you might have arrived.

The exhibition is supported by: Estonian Cultural Endowment, EAA Department of Photography, EKKM, Valge Kuup

Many thanks to: Jimmy, Jaana Jüris, Alice Kask, Aivar Lindmets (3 Selli), Anu Tõnnov, Anu Vahtra, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo

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