Art news from ‘Sanatorium’

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Stephan Kaluza

Stephan Kaluza  16.09.2014 – 18.10.2014

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Sublime

‘SUBLIME’ How do we cope with concepts and feelings that overcome us? How do we establish our personality against the overarching effect of the universe, love, power, society, family? What do we do when the language we use is not sufficient to express experiences such as despair, terror, pleasure, eternity that we feel against ‘the […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: EDEN – THE END

Luz Blanco EDEN – THE END Opening: 15 May 2014, 18:30 For her second exhibition in Sanatorium, Luz Blanco proposes a series of artworks which appear like a random circulation through fragmented images: Recovered and separated images from their origin, movie and documentary images, scattered and gathered images that direct themselves as a time of […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Ludovic Berhardt – Drones, pills & yantras

Ludovic Berhardt 'Drones, pills & yantras'  DRONES, PILLS & YANTRAS, Ludovic Bernhardt Sanatorium 3 April – 10 May 2014 Opening: 3 Nisan 2014, 18:30 Ludovic Bernhardt’s new solo exhibition aims to draw attention to the post-industrial society’s some of the visual rituals. Medicines and pills packaging, military codes, fictional maps, Yantra diagrams and Mandalas, and […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Silver Planet

Orhan Cem Çetin – Silver Planet One of the most prominent figures in the art of contemporary photography in Turkey, Orhan Cem Çetin, returns with his bold and distinctive style.  Having reached a simplified, pure, straight visual style in his recent series, Çetin’s works shown at Sanatorium represent a sharp turn as though completing a […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Out of Place

Çağla Köseoğulları- OUT-OF-PLACE The First Exhibition of 2014 at Sanatorium: Out of Place Sanatorium starts off 2014 with a solo exhibition by Çağla Köseoğulları titled Out of Place (Yersiz). Opening on January 8, the exhibition will feature her ink drawings on paper focusing on issues of city and migration, tracking down what is ignored, rendered […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Hyphologie

Hyphologie  November 28 – December 28, 2013 Curators: Ludovic Bernhardt & François Ronsiaux Artists: Art of failure, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Ludovic Bernhardt, Erdem Ergaz, Can Ertaş, Yağız Özgen, Stéfane Perraud, Société Réaliste, François Ronsiaux. Multimedia performance by Dorota Kleszcz on November 30, 2013. Sanatorium presents Hyphologie, a curated group exhibition featuring work by five French […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Be A Good Boy, Blossom With Your Pain

Kemal Özen "Be A Good Boy, Blossom With Your Pain"  Kemal Özen’s second individual exhibition is at Sanatorium One of the young names of contemporary art; Kemal Özen’s second individual exhibition is opening at Sanatorium on 23th of October. The artist’s “Be a Good Boy, Blossom with Your Pain” titled exhibition brings a melancholic and […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: 00:00

Burcu Aksoy 00:00 11 June – 13 July 2013 Openning: June 11th, 18:30  

Sanatorium, Istanbul: Entangled Cern Plans & 0dB

Emin Mete Erdoğan “Entangled Cern Plans” & Sergen Şehitoğlu “0dB” 25 April – 25 May 2013 Emin Mete Erdoğan’s Emin Mete Erdoğan’s “Entangled Cern Plans” and Sergen Şehitoğlu’s “0dB” individual exhibitions meet with art lovers simultaneously at Sanatorium.

Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul: Mind – bending

İlke Yılmaz, 'Mind – bending' 13 March – 13 April 2013 Yılmaz addresses the internalization of the stories that have taken a place in our minds and shaped our lives. She places beings who seek their own stories inside these well-known narratives. The artist is backed up by the power of imagination which stands as […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: İlke Yılmaz ‘Mind – bending’

İlke Yılmaz 'Mind – bending' In her exhibition “Mind – bending”, İlke Yılmaz focuses on the life we aestheticize, codes and values. By doing so, the artist draws attention to our cultural memory. Yılmaz addresses the internalization of the stories that have taken a place in our minds and shaped our lives. She places beings […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: The Laboratory of Life

The Laboratory of Life   Can Pekdemir, "Harekete Direnen Kemikler I ve III"// "Bones Resisting to Movement I and III", 50 x 50 cm, Arşivlik pigment baskı, Diasec //Archival Pigment Print ,Diasec, 5 + 1 AP, 2013 The point of departure for the group exhibition at Sanatorium, between January 31st and March 2nd, 2013, is […]

SANATORIUM, Istanbul: Osman Killed Me

Zeyno Pekünlü, "Osman Killed Me" In her new individual exhibition “Osman Killed Me”, Zeyno Pekünlü meets with the audience with five new works. The exhibition that is named after Osman F. Seden’s 1963 dated movie, mostly consists of video works that reorganize familiar images, symbols, sounds and texts that we grew accostumed to come accross, […]

Sanatorium, Istanbul: See Through Us

Diana Blok “See Through Us” Photographer Diana Blok mostly producing projects related to sexuality, gender and identity issues will be meeting the art audience at Sanatorium in between 21st of June and 21st of July, 2012 with her exhibition titled "See Through Us". This event is supported by the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul. Upon meeting […]

Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul: I don’t remember & Multitude

Luz Blanco 'Je ne me souviens pas.' Ahmet Doğu İpek 'Multitude' 02 March – 14 April 2012 OPENING MARCH 2 2012 AT 18:30 'I don’t remember' For her exhibition at Sanatorium, Luz Blanco suggests a series of works of art that are orchestrated around the following sentence: « I remember, I don’t remember, I think […]

Sanatorium Istanbul: Artificially Flavoured

Can Ertaş 'Artificially Flavoured' 12 January – 11 February 2012 Is artistic production possible by taking its source of inspiration from the production itself? The basis of my works started to take shape in company with this question. When thinking about how one can produce art without giving any reference to a being excluding itself, […]

Sanatorium Istanbul: NEW AGE

ORHAN CEM CETIN "NEW AGE" 06 December – 07 January 2012 Readings Concerning an Individual/Social New Age: On Orhan Cem Çetin’s Last Photography Exhibition “New Age” Firat Arapoglu The photograph taken by Orhan Cem Çetin following the fire at the Historical Haydarpasa Train Station on 28 November 2010 which broke out at 03:00 pm presents […]