Art news from ‘Rudolfinum Gallery’

Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague: Traces / Stopy

Traces / Stopy 2. 10. 2014 – 4. 1. 2015 Galerie Rudolfinum Curator: Stephanie Rosenthal, hlavní kurátorka / Chief Curator, Hayward Gallery a Petr Nedoma, ředitel / Director, Galerie Rudolfinum „The basic instincts in a human being are eros, pleasure, life, and the death wish.“ Ana Mendieta During her brief yet prolific career, Ana Mendieta […]

Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague: Barbara Probst. Total Uncertainty

Barbara Probst. Total Uncertainty 24. 4. 2014 – 6. 7. 2014 Curator: David Korecký Barbara Probst works with multiple images of a single scene, taken at the same time using several synchronized cameras. This approach breaks down the viewer’s singularity – it is not clear where the viewer is located within the given situation, which […]