Art news from ‘Oberliht’

CHIȘINEU: A new fence – video de/by Natalia JURMINSKAIA, 2013

A new fence, 2013 Natalia Jurminskaia Starting with year 2011, the appearance of new construction sites in Chisinau caused many divergences within society. On one hand, the economic agents, supported by representatives of the City Hall and corrupt functionaries, extend their illegal affairs, on the other hand, the journalists and the citizens try to fight […]

Zpace: Management of cultural project – open call for a workshop

Zpace: Management of cultural project – open call for a workshop Oberliht Association in collaboration with Warsztaty Kultury in Lublin and MitOst, Berlin invites you, from 13 of May to 15 of May, 2014, to take part in the workshop Collaborative Project Development Tools. The workshop is dedicated to people who are interested and eager […]

ARTKIOSK, Chisinau: Eaves drop ear drops

ARTKIOSK: Eaves drop ear drops performancy by Meldy Maria FLAT SPACE April 28, 2014, 4 p.m. str. Bucuresti 68/1, Chisinau I like to gaze Look down up At you Imagine your smell Taste your coffee Is it strong or weak  From a distance Voyeur in my city Passing streets Was I alone Behind walls inside […]

Kickstarter campaign for Aesthletics in Moldova

Aesthletics is coming to Moldova to research contemporary sport practice and to create and perform new sports Sport Invention workshop at Cologne Media Academy AESTHLETICS IN MOLDOVA In August 2013, I will collaborate with the Chiosc and the Oberliht Young Artists Association in Chisinau to research Moldovan sport culture, and to invent and perform new […]

ACTIVCHIOSC: I see … – exhibition & discussion

With International Woman Day in the back of our minds Oberliht Association in collaboration with Amnesty International Moldova organizes an exhibition and a discussion about the issue of gender based violence. In relation to the exhibition there will be an introduction to the topic presented by Vitalie Sprinceana and Georghe Zugravu (Amnesty International Moldova) followed […]

Public Spaces in Post-communism reading group

reading Group Public Spaces in Post-communism What is public space? Who does public space belong to? Who has the  right to use a public space? How are public spaces created? What is  the condition of public spaces in Chisinau? How can we contribute to  setting up new public spaces in the city? How can we […]

CHISINEU: call for contributions

CHISINEU = I CHISINAU Chisineu blog is dedicated to the city of Chisinau, to its various problems and the ingenious solutions offered by its inhabitants. Issues related to urban space and the way it is being shaped along with the place reserved for the individuality, inclusion and hospitality are being reflected here. You are […]

Oberliht: MD* PROTEST IN THE WIND Work for free or do work you would do for free 27 octombrie – 3 noiembrie 2011 Janos SUGAR foto: Ana Lucia NOBRE Art Workers Won’t Kiss Ass 19 – 26 octombrie 2011 Art Workers Coalition, 1969 foto: Isabel Sanchez VILLENA Vladimir US CHIOSC   |   curator Project CHIOSC is […]