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Moravian Gallery, Brno: Daniel Balabán: Report 2013

Daniel Balabán: Report 2013 Laureate of the Michal Ranný Award 26/7/2013 – 27/10/2013 Daniel Balabán, Luna Landing Plan, 2010, olej na plátně, 200×140 Curator: Yvona Ferencová Michal Ranný (1946 Brno – 1981 Praha), in whose memory the prize is awarded, was an important fi gure of modern Czech painting, a leading proponent of lyrical abstraction, […]

The Moravian Gallery in Brno: Rings in water 2012

Rings in water 2012 12.07 – 18.08.2013 Curator: Alena Krkošková Building: Governor’s Palace (Knihovní sál / 1. patro) The exhibition presents artworks from the 7th year of the international craft design competition, organised by The Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV) in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak

Moravian Gallery in Brno: Step Back and You´re Closer

Step Back and You’re Closer He Jinweie and Tomáš Císařovský The Moravian Gallery in Brno / Museum of Applied Arts, Husova 14, Brno 19. 4. – 28. 7. 2013 Photo: archive of the Moravian Gallery in Brno EXHIBITION AUTHORS Marek Pokorný and Zhao Li MG CURATOR Ondřej Chrobák     This joint exhibition of the Chinese […]

Moravian Gallery, Brno: Naturally: Karel Novák – Jock Sturges

Naturally: Karel Novák – Jock Sturges 26/4/2013 – 28/7/2013 That our civilization has literally submerged itself into nudity (thanks to photography) did not in the least alter the fact that nudity continues to cause embarrassment.  And we are not necessarily talking hard-core. The famous American photographer and his

Brno Museum Night 2013

Brno Museum Night 2013 Saturday 18/5/2013 6pm – midnight, last entry at 11.30pm Pražák Palace, Husova 18 Museum of Applied Arts, Husova 14 Governor's Palace, Moravské nám. 1a Admission 20 CZK – valid for all events, current exhibitions and permanent exhibitions in the three buildings of the Moravian Gallery in Brno as well as entry […]

Moravian Gallery in Brno: Rudolf Koppitz

Rudolf Koppitz 5/4/2013 – 7/7/2013 Curator Petra Medříková Author Monika Faber Rudolf Koppitz (1884-1936) is one of the most important Austrian artists of Czech origin. He belongs amongst the outstanding figures of traditionalist "art photography",

Moravian Gallery in Brno: Rhythms + Motion + Light

Alena Pomajzlová Rhythms + Motion + Light Impulses of Futurism in Czech Art 15/2/2013 – 19/5/2013 Curator: Yvona Ferencová Graphic design: Robert V. Novák The subject of this exhibition is the problem of capturing and evoking motion, or on a more general level the rendering of speed, duration and time in Czech art of the […]

Moravian Gallery, Brno: Prison – No Limits for Art

Prison: No Limits for Art Exhibition: 6/4/2012 – 13/5/2012 Entrance fee: voluntary admission fee Building: Museum of Applied Arts Opening hours Wed-Sun: 10-18, Thu: 10-19, Mon, Tue: closed Date of exhibition opening: 5/4/2012 17:00 Leading contemporary artists and inmates from seven Czech prisons are jointly exhibiting their works in a gallery for the first time, […]

Moravian Gallery in Brno: L’étude d’après nature

L'étude d'après nature 19th Century Photography and Art 24/2/2012 – 20/5/2012 Curator: Petra Trnková Building: Pražák Palace Date of exhibition opening: 23/2/2012, 17:00 Although the relationship to fine arts in the 19th century is a most remarkable area in the history of photography, the local artistic output which contributed to the forming of the relationship […]

Moravian Gallery in Brno: Motionless Exchange

Pavel Sterec: Motionless Exchange Exhibition:  3/2/2012 – 27/5/2012 Curator: Petr Ingerle Entrance fee: 0 CZK Building: Pražák Palace (Atrium) Date of exhibition opening: 2/2/2012 17:00 The work of Pavel Sterec (* 1985), a finalist in the 22 nd year of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, most frequently adopts the form of complicated installations which are painstakingly […]

Moravian Gallery in Brno: Minimal Shift

Sláva Sobotovičová: Minimal Shift Exhibition: 20/10/2011 – 15/1/2012 Curator: Yvona Ferencová In her videos and installations Sláva Sobotovičová (*1973) captures the metamorphoses of selected substances and staged scenes where the model situation is rocked by adding another component. Through the resulting disharmony or pure frequency /aliquot/ the artist cancels the established standard in the scale […]

Moravian Gallery, Brno: Collectors and Patrons VI: Marie Richterová (1927–2011)

Photo: archive of the Moravian Gallery in Brno 16/12/2011 – 9/9/2012 Curator: Petr Tomášek, Markéta Vejrostová Building: Governor’s Palace (Kabinet) Marie Richterová, a doctor from Brno, assembled a remarkable collection of antiques and objects of art. which towards the end of her life she donated to the Moravian Gallery in Brno. The exhibition of the […]

Moravian Gallery in Brno: COLORITO

Exhibition 17/11/2011 – 20/5/2012 Curator Zdeněk Kazlepka This exhibition will please lovers of Italy (in particular Venice) and Italian art in general. Paintings of Italian origin, kept in Moravian and Silesian museums and chateau collections, have so far received little attention. Only the most important and, at the same time, most popular works were examined […]

Moravian Gallery in Brno: In Full Spectrum

4/11/2011 – 5/2/2012 Curator Antonín Dufek The intention of the exhibition entitled In Full Spectrum. Photography 1900-1950 from the Collection of the Moravian Gallery in Brno is to present the principle domains of photography from that period. About three hundred photographs on display will illustrate the links in communication between professional photographers, amateurs, members of […]

Moravian Gallery, Brno: IMAGES OF THE MIND

9/11/2011 – 18/3/2012 This extensive and extraordinary exhibition prepared by the Moravian Gallery in Brno in collaboration with the Deutsche Hygiene Museum, straddles the line between artistic and scientific depiction of the human mind. It aims to present a comprehensive picture of the human mind as portrayed by different kinds and types of historical and […]

Vladimír Houdek: Melancholy

Exhibition: 9/6/2011 – 2/10/2011 Curator: Petr Ingerle Building: Pražák Palace (Atrium) Vladimír Houdek (1984) came to the spotlight only recently as the Laureate of the Critics Award for Young Painters 2010. The exhibition entitled Melancholy presents a series of large-scale canvases of the same name annotating on the subject of abstraction connected by the motif […]

Et in Roma ego. Fontana di Trevi and Other Drawings by Franz Anton Grimm

Photo: archive of the Moravian Gallery in Brno 13.05.2011 – 14.08.2011 This time the selection from Grimm's collection of plans includes some of the architectural drawings made by Franz Anton Grimm in the second half of the 1730s in Rome during his studies in the studio of the renowned architect Nicola Salvi, who designed the […]

Moravian Gallery: Milena Dopitová- I’ll stay a little longer

15.07 — 09.10. 2011 Michal Ranný (1946 Brno – 1981 Praha), in whose memory the prize is awarded, was an important fi gure of modern Czech painting, a leading proponent of lyrical abstraction, whose work blends the natural with the existential. The prematurely deceased artist whose life and works inspired a number of other artists, himself followed […]