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The Guide to an Unacceptable Behaviour @ MNAC, Bucharest

1/4 Things that Don't Matter part of “Guide to an Unacceptable Behaviour” The destitute widow of an army general. She plays the lottery and always chooses the same set of numbers. One time she doesn't get a ticket. That same week her numbers come up. Overwhelmed with guilt she decides to take her own life.  […]

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest: DISPOSITIONS IN TIME AND SPACE

DISPOSITIONS IN TIME AND SPACE 27.11.2014 – 29.03.2015 National Museum of Contemporary Art – Palace of Parliament, 2nd floor, 13 Septembrie bd, Bucharest Curator: Adrian Bojenoiu Participants in the exhibition: Mihai Barabancea (RO), Andreea Buțincu (RO), Anetta Mona Chisa (CZ), Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield (UK), Vlad Drăgulescu (RO), Bogdan Ghiu (RO), David Goldenberg(UK), Nicu Ilfoveanu (RO), […]

MNAC – Palace of Parliament, Bucharest: .3 + 10. MNAC.

.3 + 10. MNAC. 13 years of existence 10 years in the Palace of Parliament  THU 27.11.2014, 19.00 MNAC – Palace of Parliament 19.00. DEIMANTAS NARKEVIČIUS, Cupboard and a Song ground floor  Curator: Călin Dan Deimantas Narkevičius pulls out the images stored in our heads through the subtle processes of (collective) memory, and translates them […]

MNAC, Bucharest: Zoltán Béla – INSTALLATION

INSTALLATION  Zoltán Béla  Curator: Adriana Oprea  Exhibition design: NUCA Studio  Opening: Wednesday, October 29th 2014, 19.00 Anexa MNAC, Calea Moşilor 62-68 3rd floor  “Installation”, Zoltán Béla’s painting and object exhibition, is an art cabinet staged in a concrete room, an exhibiting situation which produces several dislocations. First, Anexa MNAC has formally accommodated until now architecture, […]

MNAC, Bucharest: Enchanting Views

Enchanting Views 10.10 – 23.11.2014 Romanian Black Sea Tourism Planning and Architecture of the ’60s and ’70s Dalles Hall, National Museum of Contemporary Art 18, Nicolae Bălcescu Avenue, 1st District, Bucharest Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm Opening: Thursday, 9 October, 7:00 pm Curators: Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor, Alina Șerban Enchanting […]

MNAC, Bucharest: Contemporary Norwegian Architecture #7

Contemporary Norwegian Architecture #7 Presentation: Arch. Eva Madshus (co-curator): 23 January 2014, 6 p.m. Opening: 23 January 2014, 7 p.m. Open between: 23 January – 22 March 2014 Programme:  Wednesday-Sunday, 10 a.m – 6 p.m. Address: The National Museum of Contemporary Art, 2-4 Izvor Street, The Parliament Palace, E4 building, Bucharest, access via 13 September […]