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Leica Gallery, Prague: MARKÉTA LUSKAČOVÁ – PHOTOGRAPHS 1964–2014

Leica Gallery Prague is pleased to invite you to the exhibition: MARKÉTA LUSKAČOVÁ PHOTOGRAPHS 1964–2014 the exhibition will run untill 2 November, 2014 This retrospective comprises fifty years of work by Markéta Luskačová (b. 1944), an icon of Czech photography, whose importance has for many years extended well beyond the boundaries of her native land. […]


FELIX LUPA STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 20. 6. — 7. 9. 2014  Felix Lupa (b. 1972) is a leading figure in contemporary Israeli reportage and documentary photography and an outstanding exponent of 'street photography'. He describes his work as that of a 'public eye', not only capturing everyday scenes in a particular society and location but exposing […]

Leica Gallery, Prague: HEARTLAND

Leica Gallery Prague is pleased to invite you to the exhibition: THOMAS HOEPKER HEARTLAND Vložený obrázek 1 The exhibition will run untill 15 June, 2014. The exhibited series of black-and-white photographs, Heartland, by the well-known Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker, shows life in the United States in the mid-1960s. The photographs were made on assignment for […]

Leica Gallery, Prague: London in the 1960s

MILOŇ NOVOTNÝ London in the 1960s 14. 2. — 11. 4. 2014  Miloň Novotný (1930–1992), a pioneer of twentieth-century Czech humanist photography, is today a classic. He is of the generation influenced by the legendary ‘Family of Man’ exhibition organized by Edward Steichen. Like Henri Cartier-Bresson, he photographed only in black and white, worked on […]


ELLIOTT ERWITT PERSONAL BEST FOR LEICA 8. 11. 2013 – 5. 1. 2013 For the international network of Leica galleries, the renowned American photographer Elliott Erwitt, a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos agency, has assembled an exclusive set of his key works. This selection was first presented to the public as part of the […]

Leica Gallery: Torso I A Retrospective

JAN MALÝ Torso I A Retrospective 13. 9. — 3. 11. 2013  Jan Malý, who was born in 1954, is a member of the first generation of photography students to graduate from the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), Prague. While still at FAMU, he attracted attention with his talent […]

Leica Gallery Prague: MILOŇ NOVOTNÝ

MILOŇ NOVOTNÝ 11. 6. — 31. 8. 2013

Leica Gallery, Prague: My Colours

TONO STANO My Colours 19. 4. — 16. 6. 2013 The "My Colours" exhibition of works by Tono Stano, one of the most prominent figures of contemporary Czecho-Slovak photography has been assembled exclusively for Leica Gallery Prague. "My Colours" offers an opportunity to see Tono Stano's most important

Leica Gallery, Prague: Fabulation

Eva Fuka Fabulation 15. 2. — 14. 4. 2013  The exhibition Eva Fuka – Fabulation presents a small selection (a pocket retrospective) of the famous photographer’s work. Eva Fuka ranks between the founding figures of the Czech photography, between the few pioneers, who have opened new ways, opportunities and approaches to work for hundreds and […]

Leica Gallery: Antonín Kratochvíl, Domovina/Homeland

  22. 6. — 9. 9. 2012  "Homeland. You can really only have one which understands you the most and I think Czech Republic is mine. It drives you crazy because its part of you and it reflects you. Its like every day you are under scrutiny. It’s a self-critique. You face yourself every day […]

Leica Gallery Prague: The Acrobat on the Globe of Life

Dagmar Hochová – The Acrobat on the Globe of Life 25. 11. 2011 — 8. 1. 2012 Retrospective of noted Czech documentarian and reporter Dagmar Hochová (born 1926), her work will concentrate on the fundamental line that has accompanied her entire production. The presented selection reminds us that she was Jaromír Funke´s student at the […]