Art news from ‘Lateral Art Space’


MAGELLAN’S CABIN DAN BEUDEAN 7th February– 1st March 2014 Opening: 7th February 2014, 7 pm April 27, 1521 On this day, our great leader Ferdinand Magellan has died from the savage natives of the island of Mactan. I, one of his most trusted commanders, will continue the account of this important voyage through his valued […]

Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca: GERMAN KLEINFORMAT

GERMAN KLEINFORMAT Annika Albrecht | Michael Biber | Lutz Braun | Mitya Churikov | Cristina Curcan | Sebastian Dacey | Vivian Greven | Ioan Grosu | Friedemann Heckel | Lou Hoyer | Lucian Indrei | Ji Su Kang | Carola Keitel | Hanna Körner | Philipp Rößle | Natascha Schmitten, Berit Schneidereit | Liv Schwenk […]

Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca: The room with an echo…

THE ROOM WITH AN ECHO… DRAGOŞ BᾸDIȚᾸ 31 mai – 6 iunie 2013 Openning: 31 mai 2013, ora 19 Lateral Art Space has moved to a new location. You can find us on the first floor of The Paintbrush Factory. Join us at the first event in this new location: "The room with an echo…" […]

Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca: ONE

Ana-Maria Huluban ONE In April, Lateral Art Space celebrates one year of activity.   With this occasion, Ana-Maria Huluban presents a 3-channel video installation with the title "UNU" ("ONE" in Romanian), which is meant to illustrate the principle  of "ONE".

Lateral Art Space: SOMETHING MODERN | George Roşu

SOMETHING MODERN | George Roşu Opening: 07 december. 17.00pm By way of custom, this text ought to be a pseudo-articulated and almost-impossible-to-fathom-with-the-inner-eye explanation about the artist's aim, a sort of "why?" made up from expressions that sometimes not even the artist himself can understand. You read it, you nod affirmatively and, this is compulsory, you […]

Lateral Art Space: MuLu | Passing by

The name of the project, Mu/Lu, is an abbreviation from our names, Musz-Cristina Curcan and Lucian Indrei, and it is an abbreviation we wanted to have because it says something important about us, that is, that we are a couple. And that our creative discourse has been born from our shared life. We have been together for almost 4 years […]

Lateral Art Space: My body is always here

Dragoș Bădiță My body is always here Lateral Art Space Fabrica de Pensule, Henri Barbusse 59-61 Cluj-Napoca, Romania We are pleased to invite you Friday, April 27, at 18 h, at the opening of the new contemporary art space Lateral, with a solo show by the artist Dragos Badita: "My body is always here." Dragos […]