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Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Diverse Worlds

Irving Penn. Diverse Worlds 14.06.–06.10.2013 Photo: Irving Penn (1917–2009). Frozen Foods with String Beans. 1977, New York Moderna Museet, Sweden © The Irving Penn Foundation 4th floor, B-wing Irving Penn (1917–2009) is considered one of the leading photographers of our time. He worked in advertising and fashion, and was acclaimed in both worlds. In distinct […]

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Estonian Landscape

Kaljo Põllu. Estonian Landscape      28.05.13–06.10.13  11:00–18:00 Venue: Kumu exhibition spaces 4th floor, A-wing, Cabinet of Prints and Drawings Kaljo Põllu (1934–2010) was an Estonian artist and major innovator in graphic art from the 1960s to the 1980s. In the 1970s, he created a series of prints called Estonian

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Afterlives of Gardens

Afterlives of Gardens 10.05.13–08.09.13  11:00–18:00 Kumu exhibition spaces 3rd floor B-wing, 5th floor, and Inner Courtyard Afterlives of Gardens deals with garden and park culture from the 19th century until the present day. The exhibition includes the works of Estonian and foreign artists, starting

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Come In. Interior Design as a Medium of Contemporary Art in Germany

Come In. Interior Design as a Medium of Contemporary Art in Germany      22.02.13–02.06.13  11:00–18:00 The exhibition examines the points of contact between the fine arts and applied art, and delineates the common elements and differences in these creative fields. Objects,

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: BMW Art Cars

BMW Art Cars 14.04.13–28.07.13  11:00–18:00 Kumu foyer and courtyard The Goethe Institute, in cooperation with the BMW Group and Kumu Art Museum, is bringing four works of art from the extraordinary BMW Art Car Collection to Estonia.

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Imaginary Spaces and Urban Visions

Imaginary Spaces and Urban Visions. Highlights of Japanese Animation 08.02.13–18.05.13  11:00–18:00 Kumu exhibition spaces 4th floor, B-wing Since the success of Akira (1988) and Ghost in the Shell (1995), Japanese anime films have been among the milestones of global pop culture. Imaginary Spaces and Urban

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Raoul Kurvitz

Raoul Kurvitz 18.01.13–21.04.13  11:00–18:00 Kumu exhibition spaces 5th floor, Gallery of Contemporary Art As of Friday, 18 January Raoul Kurvitz's large-scale solo exhibition will be open in the Contemporary Art Gallery and courtyard of the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition includes installations, performances, paintings and objects from the late 1980s to the present day. The […]

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Like a Face

Like a Face. Games with Human Images on Estonian Posters from the 1980s 13.02.13–26.05.13  11:00–18:00 Kumu exhibition spaces 4th floor, A-wing, Cabinet of Prints and Drawings The exhibition is comprised of a playful portrait gallery of posters, the central image of which is the face and human body. These examples of posters, mostly from the […]

Kumu Art Museum: Fashion and the Cold War

Fashion and the Cold War 14.09.2012–20.01.2013  The Great Hall The exhibition examines fashion and related phenomena in Estonia from the 1950s to the 1970s, providing a captivating insight into the life of Soviet Estonian women and the dialogue with Western fashion. A book will be published, and creative and educational programmes for the public will […]

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Tõnis Vint and His Aesthetic Universe

Tõnis Vint. Linn. Vasaku käe peegel. 1979. Guašš. Eesti Kunstimuuseum. Foto: Stanislav Stepaško Tõnis Vint and His Aesthetic Universe graphics exhibition 18.05.–09.09.2012, 4th floor, B-wing The exhibition summarises some tendencies in the work of Tõnis Vint (b. 1942), a key figure in Soviet Estonian art. It is characterised by aesthetic universalism and aspirations to create […]

Tallinn Month of Photography: BEYOND

Look at my face: my name is Might Have Been; I am also called No More, Too Late, Farewell, as Edgar Auber phrased his, according to Giorgio Agamben, pretentious dedication on the back of his photograph, given to Marcel Proust. Appropriated from Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s sonnet, The House of Life, this memorable dedication became the […]

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Ene-Liis Semper

14.10-31.12, Kumu Art Museum Ene-Liis Semper’s exhibition will comprise a massive spatial installation and new video works. The 5th floor of Kumu Art Museum will become the new locus for Semper, who has been examining spatial tension in her installations, stage productions and other performances for many years. The key words of the exhibition will […]

gateways: Art and Networked Culture

The summer’s grand exhibition ‘gateways’ presents new, experimental, media-based forms of art by Europe’s younger generation. The projects are a study of how digital networks and technology influence our everyday lives, activities and perception. At the centre of this are works that deal, in various ways, with gateways to information and knowledge in today’s digital, […]