Art news from ‘Galerie Laboratorio’

Laboratorio Gallery, Prague: JOHANA POŠOVÁ: Showing Colours / opening March 6 at 6pm

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition J o h a n a   P o š o v á Showing Colours 7/3 – 19/4/2013 opening 6/3 from 6pm Sometimes Sometimes daily layer of awareness is like a bedspread on a doormat. Sometimes doormat is full of dirt. Sometimes bedspread is like […]

Galerie Laboratorio, Prague: Agnieszka Grodzińska-Saturation Rhythm

A g n i e s z k a   G r o d z i ń s k a S a t u r a t i o n   R h y t h m 24 Jan – 2 Mar 2013 The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the Starter Gallery, Warsaw. […]

Galerie Laboratorio: ONDŘEJ PŘIBYL: Children / opening November 28, 6pm

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition  Ondřej Přibyl / Children Ondřej Přibyl /1978/ dedicated his entire doctoral studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design /AAAD/ in Prague to the reconstruction of the daguerreotype process, the first photographic technique, patented by Louis Daguerre in 1839. This protracted and dangerous process /daguerreotypists […]

Galerie Laboratorio is participating at ARTISSIMA 2012

Galerie Laboratorio is participating at  ARTISSIMA 2012 hall LILIAC / booth 5 9 – 11 November,  11am – 7pm OVAL – Lingotto Fiere, Turin Ondřej Přibyl / Petra Steinerová / Philip Topolovac Philip Topolovac, Bodenproben /Ground Samples/, 2010, installation, 110 x 240 x 160 cm Galerie Laboratorio Bubenska 1 / CZ-170 00 Praha 7 / 2nd […]

Galerie Laboratorio: Tomáš Svoboda, First Person Singular

Tomáš Svoboda First Person Singular 05/10/2012 opening 04/10 from 6pm within WE ARE OPEN / gallery evening in Prague 7 The scenographic installations of Tomáš Svoboda /1974/ betray his work as a film architect. However, the illusion he constructs using sound, text, and stage sets is always incomplete. In his videos, the picture often cuts […]

Galerie Laboratorio, Prague: S h a f t S t u d i e s I – IV

Galerie Laboratorio is pleased to announce P h i l i p  T o p o l o v a c S h a f t  S t u d i e s  I – IV special guest: Pavel Karous 28/6 – 31/7/2012 opening: 27/6 from 6pm artist's talk: 28/6 from 6pm "I always think […]

Galerie Laboratorio, Prague: KOLABORATORIO Vol.2

Galerie Laboratorio in collaboration with galerie m.odla presents K o l a b o r a t o r i o  V o l. 2 pop-up exhibition former underground spa – Bubenská 1 From 26 to 29 April 2012, the two underground floors of the former Electric Company building at Bubenská 1 will be open […]

Galerie Laboratorio, Prague: At the neighbours’ /Under the Linden Tree/

  J a n  M e r t a At the neighbours' /Under the Linden Tree/ 26/4 – 15/6/2012 Jan Merta is celebrating his 60th birthday. The exhibition "At the neighbours' /Under the Linden Tree/" can be seen as an accompanying event to the artist's more official exhibition "To My Praguers for the Sixtieth Birthday," […]

Galerie Laboratorio, Prague: Beyond the Polyhedric Mirror

T o m á š  J e t e l a B e y o n d  t h e  P o l y h e d r i c  M i r r o r 8/3 – 20/4/2012 Painter Tomáš Jetela /1986/ presents his new series of paintings and collages at Galerie Laboratorio under […]

Galerie Laboratorio, Prague: THE PAST

T e r e z a  K a b ù r k o v á M i n u l o s t   / T h e   P a s t 20/1 – 2/3/2012 Photographer Tereza Kabùrková /1980/, for her first solo show at Galerie Laboratorio,  presents a new series of still-lifes. By their very […]