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FRONT LINE 12. 6. – 22. 9. 2014 After World War I, the world’s rhythm and expression changed definitively. Optimistic turn-of-the-century notions that an era of humanity and scientific/technical miracles was nigh quickly dissipated. Millions of people who had always been bound to their family hearth marched onto battlefields according to the will of fate […]

DOX, Prague: The Silent Strength of Liu Xia

The Silent Strength of Liu Xia 28. 2. – 9. 6. 2014 Poet and photographer Liu Xia (*1959) is a banned artist in China, and her work can only be seen in private or on the internet.  She is the wife of Liu Xiaobo, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and po­litical prisoner, who was […]

DOX, Prague: The Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 – 2014

The Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 – 2014 14. 2. – 19. 5. 2014 DOX, Prague The exhibition is a reference to Marshall McLuhan’s famous statement that “the medium is the message,” which appeared in his book Understanding Media (1964). The goal of the exhibition is to show, from the perspective of the […]

DOX, Prague: Pharmatopia

Marek Schovánek: Pharmatopia 7. 2. – 7. 4. 2014 The Pharmatopia installation is composed of hand-sculpted coloured pills. The various shapes and sizes and the vast range of colours used on each sculpture of the installation have a very sensual and vibrant, almost glossy commercial appeal. Upon closer inspection, each individual work reveals an embedded […]

DOX, Prague: Radim Labuda – Aspects of The Great Man

Radim Labuda – Aspects of The Great Man 6. 9. – 17. 10. 2013 The second exhibition of  project p.s., the newly created exhibition space at center DOX, is devoted to the Slovak artist Radim Labuda (1976). Labuda came to prominence in 2008, when he won the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. His current exhibition Aspects of […]

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague: GUŠTAR

GUŠTAR 18. 7. – 14. 10. 2013 The exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art will present the work of composer, programmer and designer Milan Guštar for the first time to the general public. The artist (re)built most of the exhibited works, which had long existed as algorithms or processes in the form of […]

DOX, Prague: RELAY

Iveta Pilařová – Relay 3. 7. – 29. 8. 2013 Tobogganers (from the series At Last The Snow’s Arrived), 2003 Iveta Pilařová, to whom the first exhibition of the cycle is devoted, is a middle-generation artist. Her work is inspired by her personal experience of a life with multiple sclerosis. The disease first presented while […]


DISABLED BY NORMALITY 23. 5. – 16. 9. 2013 BART HESS in collaboration with HeyHeyHey – Mutants, 2011 What’s a “disability”? And what’s “normal”? This spring’s biggest exhibition, entitled Disabled by Normality and created in cooperation with the Jedlička Institute and Schools on the occasion of its 100th anniversary,

DOX, Prague: The Women’s Yard

Kamila Ženatá – The Women’s Yard 7.6. – 26. 8. 2013 © foto: Jan Slavík In her current double exhibition installed in Terezín’s Small Fortress (1 May – 26 Aug 2013) and at DOX (7 Jun – 26 Aug 2013), the “Advocate of Dreams and Emotions”, Kamila Ženatá, works with raw-sounding

DOX, Prague: Transformations of Landscape

Patrik Hábl – Transformations of Landscape 3. 5. – 1. 7. 2013 Through his exhibition Transformations of Landscape, Patrik Hábl, one of the most prominent artists on the contemporary domestic painting scene, fully shows the strength and beauty possessed by traditional art

DOX, Prague: View into the Archiv 5 (Song)

View into the Archiv 5 (Song) 12. 4. – 9. 6. 2013 Centre for the Contemporary Art DOX, The Small Tower © Jindřich Štýrský The era of song publishing starts along side the emergence and development of cabarets, occasional performances and small theaters, Tingle-Tangle (according to the

DOX, Prague: PETR MOTYČKA: Shoe Christ

PETR MOTYČKA: Shoe Christ 19. 1. 2011 – 31. 12. 2013 Shoe Christ (Compulsion to Refuse Something that Has Been Used)   is a sculpture made by visual artist Petr Motyčka, who is mainly known in connection with the artist collective Pode Bal. Shoe Christ is made of approximately 1444 used (and mostly single) shoes. […]

DOX, Prague: Cartographies of Hope – Change Narratives

22. 11. 2012 – 21. 2. 2013 It's not the story of the battle; it's the battle of the story!"  Patrick Reinsborough In the last few years we have witnessed how the corrosion of the three main modes of social imaginary that defined modernity – the market economy, the public sphere, and the self-government of […]

DOX, Prague: COCKEREL SS13 in the Box

COCKEREL SS13 in the Box 29. 11. 2012 – 21. 1. 2013 COCKEREL is not what it seems.  Five outfits expanding into the world of objects, adopting the morphology of plastic crates in puff printing, or transposing their structure into the details of the pleating of a skirt, a blouse, the sleeves of overalls… This […]

DOX, Prague: AMOR PSYCHE ACTION – VIENNA. The Feminine in Viennese Actionism. Hummel Collection.

AMOR PSYCHE ACTION – VIENNA. The Feminine in Viennese Actionism. Hummel Collection. 19. 10. 2012 – 14. 1. 2013 In autumn of 2012, DOX is hosting an exhibition based on the collection of Julius Hummel. Viennese Actionism fought for individual freedom and its movement contributed to greater interpersonal and sexual tolerance. To this day the cultural […]

DOX, Prague: LLEV Product design – Existence

28. 9. – 28. 10. 2012 LLEV design studio, the brainchild of Eva and Marcel Mochal, is presenting  a diverse yet coherent selection of its work at Existence, the studio’s solo exhibition at DOX BY QUBUS. This is not merely a straightforward presentation of the studio’s output, but a structured exhibition that shows the work […]

DOX, Prague: Bikiny klub

27. 6. – 31. 10. 2012 Veronika Psotková was born in 1981 in Opava. This sculptor, who graduated from the sculpture studio of Michal Gabriel at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, focuses particularly on figurative art. Her works are along two parallel lines, the first of which is more realistic, with an influence […]

DOX, Prague: Karel Nepraš retrospective

KAREL NEPRAŠ 8. 6. – 1. 10. 2012 The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art prepared a retrospective of Karel Nepraš for the summer of 2012. Nepraš is one of a small number of leading Czech artists to whom Czech museum and gallery institutions owe a representative exhibition and publication. The exhibition maps Nepraš’s sculptural and […]


MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE: Wanting to Say Something about John 25. 5. – 20. 8. 2012 Few artists have had such a profound impact on the arts in recent decades as American musician, writer, and visual and intermedia artist John Cage (1912-1992). Moreover, his concepts of open work, indeterminism, transversality, plurality, and interdisciplinarity correspond […]

DOX Gallery, Prague: 30x One Shape + One More Extra

ZDENĚK LHOTSKÝ: 30x One Shape + One More Extra 28. 4. – 30. 5. 2012 The exhibition at the Designshop is result of systematic research in melt glass and application on design – melting and fusing. The exhibition objects represent the work of last year from Lhotsky-Pelechov Studio. Material is excusively glass by Czech glass […]

DOX, Prague: Superstudio

Superstudio 13. 4. – 7. 5. 2012 (69 students of architecture – 23 teams – 1 task – 24 hours) This exhibition presents a selection of the most interesting projects created within the framework of the Superstudio event. The second annual competition of architectural and urban planning conception was held on 24 and 25 February […]

DOX Prague: Czech TV Corporate Identity 1963 – 2012

Czech TV Corporate Identity 1963 – 2012 20. 4. – 14. 5. 2012 The exhibition presents a development of the Czech TV Corporate Identity since 1960s. The first graphic logo and corporate design, created by Roman Rogl in 1954 (and fully implemented in broadcasting in 1963) has been changed several times in almost fifty years […]


13. 4. – 31. 8. 2012 DOX presents an exhibition of a Czech sculptor Čestmír Suška  called  OUTSIDE / INSIDE . The  OUTSIDE part of the exhibition will be installed at the courtyard and on the sculpture terrace an will last from April 13th until August 31st. The part entitled INSIDE will be presented in […]

DOX, Prague: Light Sculptures

Light Sculptures: Czech table lamps 1950-1990 8. 3. – 26. 4. 2012 The creative collective of OKOLO presents the “Light Sculptures, Czech Lights 1950-1990” exhibition which comprises a curatorial selection of several table lamps made in 1950-1990 in former Czechoslovakia, or in the territory of the present-day Czech Republic. The exhibition is not a retrospective […]

DOX, Prague: Confrontations – Close Encounters of Different Kind

Confrontations – Close Encounters of Different Kind 1. 3. – 31. 3. 2012 An art project in public space, DBK Budějovická,  Prague 4, 1 – 31.3. 2012 The exhibition consists of 36 panels that present pairs of documentary images, most often pictures found in the Czech Press Agency Image Bank (Fotobanka ČTK) or in newspapers […]