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MIKLÓSSY Gábor @ Quadro Gallery, Cluj

MIKLÓSSY Gábor | Exercises Opening:  Monday, 8th of December, 6 p.m. 9th of December 2014 – 7th of February 2015 Tuesday – saturday: 10 a.m. -1 p.m.; 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. The show presents an almost unknown side of Gábor Miklóssy’s art, the small, palm-sized oil paintings which he simply called „exercises”. The works […]

Lateral ArtSpace‎, Cluj: PALE BLUE DOT | Group Exhibition

PALE BLUE DOT  Image: Artwork by Ana-Maria Huluban Dragoș Bădiță | Flaviu Cacoveanu | Cristina Curcan | Mihaela Hudrea | Ana-Maria Huluban | Ioan Grosu | Lucian Indrei | Radu Oreian | Ștefan Pop | Lea Rasovszky | George Roșu “Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you […]

Quadro Gallery, Cluj: A Retrospective

LÁSZLÓ TÓTH A Retrospective, August the 18th – October the 10th, 2014 Opening: Monday, 18th of August, 6 p.m. Presenting: György Szücs art historian, Deputy Director at the Hungarian National Gallery (Budapest) The Quadro Gallery organizes the first retrospective exhibition of László Tóth, presenting the whole oeuvre in its full richness, beginning with the early […]

tranzit. ro/ Cluj: KEEP IN MIND THE POOR

tranzit. ro/ Cluj presents the project KEEP IN MIND THE POOR by Laurențiu Ridichie In the new project ― Street, we negotiate; city, we reinstitute ― developed by tranzit. ro/ Cluj, the artist-activist Laurențiu Ridichie, will display inside the windows of the building on Brassai Samuel street works that address social and political issues, both […]

Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj: Inner whimp – Lea Rasovszky

INNER WHIMP LEA RASOVSZKY Opening: June 13 2014, 7 pm "The inner whimp is me, inside me, when my typical strategies are failing, when pressure makes everything succumb smoothly and surely, and skid suavely and dumb. It's awesome. I will explain why in just a moment.  In the last two years I researched the uncertain […]

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca: RESULT. Joseph BEUYS. Urs LUTHI. Padraig TIMONEY. Santiago SIERRA.

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca RESULT Joseph BEUYS. Urs LUTHI. Padraig TIMONEY. Santiago SIERRA.    Works from BIANCHINI collection Event details: opening: 16th May 2014, 19.00 Address: Paintbrush Factory, 1st floor, 59-61 Henri Barbusse street, Cluj-Napoca There are lately many theories concerned with the changes in identity, both in anthropological field and artistic domain. 

TATHĀGATA @ Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj

TATHĀGATA  DRAGOȘ BĂDIȚĂ Vernisaj: 11 Aprilie 2014, ora 19 Video, 40 min The film is a meditative essay composed of moments filmed in 2012: a day and a night spent around the lake called The Blue Lagoon.  "Tathāgata" is a Sanskrit word which means "arriving at that"; "that" meaning being as such, the existence emptied […]

Sabot Gallery, Cluj: RĂZVAN BOTIȘ – Going Twomblysh, Woolish, Foolish [via scribblings / toward normcore]

  Friday – May 17 Sabot gallery [59-61 Henri Barbusse str., Cluj, Romania] As emulation, appropriation, pastiche – you name it – have been exposed, lost their pompous aura and became tools, means of redistributing cultural artifacts, I become more and more concerned in turning my balldress into a well-worn coat. Is anybody else doing […]

BAZIS, Cluj: NYIRI Dalma – Through the Looking-Glass

Nyiri Dalma – Through the Looking-Glass Bazis Contemporary Art Platform opening: 11.04.2014, 19.00 h adress: str. Henri Barbusse 59-61, Fabrica de Pensule, etaj 1. The central elements of Dalma Nyiri’s exhibition are installations built by the artist from vintage objects which serve as frames for photographs, using the stereoscopy technique. Stereoscopy, a branch of optics, […]

What’s in it for me / What’s in it for you, Anca Nuță @ FSPAC Cluj

Anca Nuță Company vs. Artist or Company and The Artist What's in it for me / What's in it for you Thursday 27 March 2014, 19.00 LECTURE @Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai Cluj, Facultatea de Științe Politice, Str. Traian Moșoiu nr.71, Cluj-Napoca Why do we fight for art? Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, being confronted […]

tranzit. ro/ Cluj: LOST AND LOST

tranzit. ro/ Cluj invites you to the exhibition of: ZSOLT VISKY (Gilles the Postman) entitled: LOST AND LOST Opening: Friday, 28 February 2014, at 8 pm. Venue: tranzit. ro/ Cluj, Brassai Sámuel Str., nr. 5, Cluj Opening speech: Zsuzsa Selyem Lost and Lost grew out of the project Gilles, the Postman. Zsolt Visky initiated and […]

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj: Foray into abstract

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca "Foray into abstract" István BETUKER opening: 21st February 2014, 19.00 The 'Foray into abstract' series shows snapshots of a trip, both literally and metaphorically. The trip explores the territory of the abstract, disputes its provocation, absorbs the possibilities offered by the reductionist tendencies. This process has an important role in […]

Lateral Art Space, Cluj @ SUPERMARKET 2014, Stockholm

Welcome to SUPERMARKET 2014 – the largest international art fair in the Nordic countries!  The fair is created and managed by artists with the aim to create an international platform for artist-run galleries. With over 80 artist-run spaces and initiatives from 30 countries it shows the most vital and innovative contemporary art. 


MAGELLAN’S CABIN DAN BEUDEAN 7th February– 1st March 2014 Opening: 7th February 2014, 7 pm April 27, 1521 On this day, our great leader Ferdinand Magellan has died from the savage natives of the island of Mactan. I, one of his most trusted commanders, will continue the account of this important voyage through his valued […] Cluj: Children should be supervised when consuming this product Cluj presents the exhibition of the artist: VLAD IEPURE Children should be supervised when consuming this product. Opening: Tuesday, 28th of January, 6 p.m. Brassai Sámuel Street, no. 5, Cluj-Napoca  Curator: Attila Tordai-S. The main subject of this project is the humble sunflower seed, a plant that in the Western culture is seen as […] presents: Universal Anthem – a project by Société Réaliste presents: Universal Anthem a project by Société Réaliste Opening on Thursday, 12th of December, 7 p.m. Brassai Sámuel Street, no. 5, Cluj-Napoca  Société Réaliste, in cooperation with computer engineer Frédéric Mauclère, has developed a software calculating average musical notations from MIDI files. The artists used this new software to calculate the average national anthem […]

BÁZIS contemporary art space: Carnival and Apocalypse

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca "Carnival and Apocalypse" Adrian GHIMAN Event details: opening: 15th November 2013, 19.00 Address: Paintbrush Factory, 1st floor, 59-61 Henri Barbusse street, Cluj-Napoca I do glorify the grotesque and the maladies that are incumbent on the human being. The disease bears with itself ugliness, a truly glorious performance, a morbid beauty […]

Cluj International Ceramics Biennale 2013, first edition

Cluj International Ceramics Biennale 2013, first edition October 8 – November 3, 2013 / Ceramart Foundation and Ceramics Now Association have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the Cluj International Ceramics Biennale 2013, Wednesday, October 9, from 6 PM, at the Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca, 30 Unirii Square. Cluj International Ceramics […]

Sabot Gallery: Lucie Fontaine- i-n-v-e-n-t-o-r-y

January 15 at 7:00pm – February 28  Sabot is glad to present “i-n-v-e-n-t-o-r-y,” a solo show by Lucie Fontaine. The starting point of the show lays in its own title: while the term “inventory” defines something that has been left, that is already there, “a record of one’s possessions,” the very same noun includes “invent”, […]

Lateral Art Space: SOMETHING MODERN | George Roşu

SOMETHING MODERN | George Roşu Opening: 07 december. 17.00pm By way of custom, this text ought to be a pseudo-articulated and almost-impossible-to-fathom-with-the-inner-eye explanation about the artist's aim, a sort of "why?" made up from expressions that sometimes not even the artist himself can understand. You read it, you nod affirmatively and, this is compulsory, you […]

Bazis, Cluj: In the Name of …

In the Name of … BÁZIS – contemporary art platform and Galeria ANAID București artist: TARA (von Neudorf) opening: 16th of November 2012, h: 19.00 address: Fabrica de Pensule, 59-61 Henri Barbusse St., 1st floor, Cluj-Napoca www. “In the Name of… ” is a project of a considerable extent that includes one hundred […], Cluj: CULTURE AND POLITICS OF CRISIS

CULTURE AND POLITICS OF CRISIS (Sámuel Brassai street no 5) will be open in Cluj on the 5th of November 2012, on the occasion of the public discussion between Boris Buden (Croatia/Austria) and G. M. Tamás (Hungary), the first meeting in the frame of Cluj project “Culture and Politics of Crisis”.  05.11.2012, 18:00 h […]

Lateral Art Space: MuLu | Passing by

The name of the project, Mu/Lu, is an abbreviation from our names, Musz-Cristina Curcan and Lucian Indrei, and it is an abbreviation we wanted to have because it says something important about us, that is, that we are a couple. And that our creative discourse has been born from our shared life. We have been together for almost 4 years […]

BÁZIS, Cluj: An organic cyberpunk – Gaál József

An organic cyberpunk – Gaál József BÁZIS – contemporary art space Cluj-Napoca opening: 26 october , 2012, h: 19.00 address: Fabrica de Pensule, 59-61 Henri Barbusse st., 1st floor, Cluj-Napoca An organic cyberpunk – Gaál József’s phantasm To keep within the bounds of human condition or to give up everything related to it, passing through […]