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Victoria Art Center invites you Tuesday, December 16, 7 pm, to the opening of the exhibition CIRCUMSTANCES FAVORABLE TO NATURAL SELECTION   (IEEB6 parallel event) Curator Olivia Nițiș Two different geographies relate to the same issues: the current context of ecological policies, local as well as global environmental contexts, forced migration due to climate change […]

IEEB6, Bucharest: Opening of the 6th edition of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial

Experimental Project Association in partnership with the “Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center Mogoșoaia announces the opening of the 6th edition of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial (IEEB). The IEEB6 events will take place at the “Brancovan Palaces” Mogoșoaia, Victoria Art Center, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space and Atelier 030202 between 13th December 2014 and 29th March 2015 […]

OTHER AIR / ALT AER: Jan Švankmajer & Czech – Slovak Surrealists

OTHER AIR / ALT AER  Jan Švankmajer & Czech – Slovak Surrealists  December 11, 2014 – January 31, 2015 Opening: December 11, 2014, 18:00, UNAgaleria (Budișteanu 10, Bucharest) Jan Švankmajer Retrospective: December 12-14, 2014, 19:00, Cinemateca Eforie (Eforie 2, Bucharest) The Exhibition OTHER AIR, of surrealist artists from Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as […]

Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest: SEPARATED OBJECTS – Adelina Ivan I Olah Gyarfas

Separated Objects is a project of/by Adelina Ivan and Olah Gyarfas, comprising of two installations regarding garments as material support of the artwork. Opening Thursday, 11.12.2014, from 19:00 at Nicodim Gallery, Back Atelier, Bucharest, Cantacuzino Palace (side entry, 1st floor), 141 Victoria Street Adelina Ivan’s concept explores garments as artworks testing new processes of construction […]

418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest: Workshop Cetate VII

Joana Grevers Foundation and 418 Contemporary Art Gallery invite you on Saturday, 13th of December, at 7pm, at the opening of the exhibition Workshop Cetate VII The exhibition presents the artworks of Anca Bodea (Cluj-Napoca, Painting), Raphaelle Boutie (special guest from Paris, Painting and Drawing), Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu, Kinetic Art), Cristian Raduta (Bucharest, Sculpture, […]

The Guide to an Unacceptable Behaviour @ MNAC, Bucharest

1/4 Things that Don't Matter part of “Guide to an Unacceptable Behaviour” The destitute widow of an army general. She plays the lottery and always chooses the same set of numbers. One time she doesn't get a ticket. That same week her numbers come up. Overwhelmed with guilt she decides to take her own life.  […]

Salonul de proiecte, Bucharest: The Romanian-Bulgarian Union. A Retrospective

The Romanian-Bulgarian Union. A Retrospective Opening: 4 December, 19.00 4 December 2014 – 15 February 2015 Artists: Marius Bercea, Dan Beudean, Răzvan Botiș, Rada Boukova, Radu Comșa, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Vikenti Komitski, Ivan Moudov, Vlad Nancă, Krassimir Terziev With contributions by Zoran Georgiev, Lubri, Dimitar Solakov, Voin de Voin Salonul de proiecte invited Vlad Nancă to […]

Galateca Gallery, Bucharest: Henwood Library – Archive

Henwood Library – Archive 30 October 2014 – 30 January 2015 We are pleased to invite you on 30th October at 7:30 pm at the opening of “Henwood Library – Archive”, the second exhibition hosted at Galateca Gallery by British multidisciplinary artist Simon Henwood. The exhibition features works by other artists that have influenced him […]

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest: DISPOSITIONS IN TIME AND SPACE

DISPOSITIONS IN TIME AND SPACE 27.11.2014 – 29.03.2015 National Museum of Contemporary Art – Palace of Parliament, 2nd floor, 13 Septembrie bd, Bucharest Curator: Adrian Bojenoiu Participants in the exhibition: Mihai Barabancea (RO), Andreea Buțincu (RO), Anetta Mona Chisa (CZ), Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield (UK), Vlad Drăgulescu (RO), Bogdan Ghiu (RO), David Goldenberg(UK), Nicu Ilfoveanu (RO), […]

The Centre for Visual Arts, Bucharest: Missed Connections

The Centre for Visual Arts – multimedia center invites you to the opening of the exhibition Missed Connections on Tuesday, 25 November, 7 pm. While trying to control the space we occupy, the action of cartography is a traditional way of finding meaning and thus becoming an internalized process of recognition. Breaking the perceptual and […]

ZORZINI Gallery, Bucharest: Colliding Geometry

ZORZINI Gallery presents – Colliding Geometry Solo Show by Dan MACIUCA Opening Wednesday 26 of November at 7 pm – Curator Adina Zorzini  44 Sfintii Apostoli Street, building A, floor 3, Natiunile Unite Square  Dan Maciuca (b. 1979) is one of the strongest emerging artists from the Cluj School of Art, living and working in […]

Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest: Suzana Dan | Playground

Suzana Dan | Playground 18th of November 2014 – 24th of January 2015 Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | 21 Lirei St, Bucharest Curator: Erwin Kessler Opening: Tuesday, the 18th of November, 7 – 10 pm. From November 18th, Suzana Dan clears the ground – Playground at Aiurart. Clearing the place of everything that is not […]

Volum Art Association, Bucharest: The Expanded Space/ Insider and outsider

The Expanded Space public art programme has been initiated in 2011 and seeks to bring the urban public space to life through temporary interventions which may vary from sculpture or installation to performance. Organized in different spaces in Bucharest and having a temporary span, the programme aims to support the new public art projects, which […]

MNAC – Palace of Parliament, Bucharest: .3 + 10. MNAC.

.3 + 10. MNAC. 13 years of existence 10 years in the Palace of Parliament  THU 27.11.2014, 19.00 MNAC – Palace of Parliament 19.00. DEIMANTAS NARKEVIČIUS, Cupboard and a Song ground floor  Curator: Călin Dan Deimantas Narkevičius pulls out the images stored in our heads through the subtle processes of (collective) memory, and translates them […]

Atelier 030202, Bucharest: #SELFIES

#SELFIES Irina Broboană (drawing/object/installation) 13 november – 10 december 2014 Opening: Thursday, 13 november 2014, 19.00, ATELIER 030202  (Sala Nouă TC), Sfânta Vineri street nr. 11, Bucharest Coordonator Atelier 030202: Mihai Zgondoiu FB event: #AdrianaSelfie #AncaSelfie #GabrielaSelfie #IoanaSelfie #IrinaSelfie #MarilenaSelfie #NonaSelfie #OliviaSelfie #PatriciaSelfie #RalucaIlariaSelfie #RuxandraSelfie #SimonaSelfie #TeodoraSelfie #ValentinaSelfie

MNAC, Bucharest: Zoltán Béla – INSTALLATION

INSTALLATION  Zoltán Béla  Curator: Adriana Oprea  Exhibition design: NUCA Studio  Opening: Wednesday, October 29th 2014, 19.00 Anexa MNAC, Calea Moşilor 62-68 3rd floor  “Installation”, Zoltán Béla’s painting and object exhibition, is an art cabinet staged in a concrete room, an exhibiting situation which produces several dislocations. First, Anexa MNAC has formally accommodated until now architecture, […]

Autor 12: international contemporary jewelry fair

AUTOR 12, the Autumn Edition: another successful event it’s on the way, connecting people through jewelry! Strong essences are kept in small bottles, and AUTOR is essence of contemporary jewelry, so we found a suitable container for it: on November 1st and 2nd, AUTOR takes place in Casa Universitarilor: a gothic mansion with marble columns […]

Salonul de proiecte, Bucharest: Performative lecture / Olof Olsson (DK)

Salonul de proiecte invites you Thursday, October 23rd, 19.00, at the performative lecture of Olof Olsson. The event is part of a series of conferences, screenings, presentations, discussions called Evening classes, organised by Salonul de proiecte, MNAC Anexa, in October and November. ( "Driving the Blues Away" is a comedy lecture melodrama, full of mind-blowing […]

Art Yourself, Bucharest: New Location / 88 Clucerului Street

Art Yourself’s New Location / 88 Clucerului Street Inaugural exhibitions: The Uncanny – 11172014, October  Love, Skin & other Fairytales – Amalia Dulhan  Commissioned by Petre Modolea, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the era of the monarchy, and designed by the renowned architect and professor Tiberiu Niga, the house at […]

Galeria Calina, Bucharest: Rose – Breath

Rose – Breath, Patricia Teodorescu The third project of the DESENUL SANS RIVAGES platform / curator: Liviana Dan / a platform dealing with the concept in drawing, with contemporary drawing as idea and process, with its intent and flexibility. In ROSE – Breath, Patricia Teodorescu develops a rather fictional strategy. She manipulates the palette, the […]

Atelier030202, Bucharest: Hydrophilia/ Super Smooth Studio

October 23 – November 12 HYDROPHILIA Super Smooth Studio (Mimi Ciora & Mircea Popescu) Opening: October 23, 7.00 pm, ATELIER 030202 (Sala Nouă TC), 11 Sfânta Vineri street, Bucharest Atelier 030202 Manager: Mihai Zgondoiu Hydrophilia – embodies in pictures the love for water and the obsessive interest in its  infinite runway. In the interpretation […]

Galateea Contemporary art, Bucharest: transFORM

International exhibition transFORM – Contemporary Ceramic Art October 21st – Novembre 18th 2014 Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery and The Visual Artists Union of Romania have the pleasure to invite you to international exhibition transFORM – Contemporary Ceramic Art. The exposition may be visited between October 21st – Novembre 18th 2014. The opening event will take […]

Victoria Art Center, Bucharest:

Victoria Art Center invites you to the opening of the exhibition, Tuesday, October 14, 19.00. exhibits the works of Andreea Albani, Petru Lucaci, George Marinciu, Christian Paraschiv, Beniamin Popescu, Silvia Trăistaru, Roman Tolici. These artists will represent The Center for Cultural and Contemporary Production Victoria Art at The innovative art fair in Contemporary […]

MNAC, Bucharest: Enchanting Views

Enchanting Views 10.10 – 23.11.2014 Romanian Black Sea Tourism Planning and Architecture of the ’60s and ’70s Dalles Hall, National Museum of Contemporary Art 18, Nicolae Bălcescu Avenue, 1st District, Bucharest Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm Opening: Thursday, 9 October, 7:00 pm Curators: Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor, Alina Șerban Enchanting […]


September 12, 2014 – The 1st BUCHAREST FILM BIENNALE (Bucharest International Biennial for Film), generated by Pavilion – journal for politics & culture – is set for May 21st – May 24th, 2015, under the directorship and curatorship of Andrei Rus (RO). BUCHAREST FILM BIENNALE will be a unique project in the film area trough […]