Art news from ‘Bazis’

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca: RESULT. Joseph BEUYS. Urs LUTHI. Padraig TIMONEY. Santiago SIERRA.

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca RESULT Joseph BEUYS. Urs LUTHI. Padraig TIMONEY. Santiago SIERRA.    Works from BIANCHINI collection Event details: opening: 16th May 2014, 19.00 Address: Paintbrush Factory, 1st floor, 59-61 Henri Barbusse street, Cluj-Napoca There are lately many theories concerned with the changes in identity, both in anthropological field and artistic domain. 

BAZIS, Cluj: NYIRI Dalma – Through the Looking-Glass

Nyiri Dalma – Through the Looking-Glass Bazis Contemporary Art Platform opening: 11.04.2014, 19.00 h adress: str. Henri Barbusse 59-61, Fabrica de Pensule, etaj 1. The central elements of Dalma Nyiri’s exhibition are installations built by the artist from vintage objects which serve as frames for photographs, using the stereoscopy technique. Stereoscopy, a branch of optics, […]

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj: Foray into abstract

BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj-Napoca "Foray into abstract" István BETUKER opening: 21st February 2014, 19.00 The 'Foray into abstract' series shows snapshots of a trip, both literally and metaphorically. The trip explores the territory of the abstract, disputes its provocation, absorbs the possibilities offered by the reductionist tendencies. This process has an important role in […]