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Asymetria Gallery, Warsaw: Occupational Safety and Health. The History of an Imagination

Jerzy Lewczyński/Jan Lessaer Occupational Safety and Health. The History of an Imagination 25th march 2013 to 17th may 2013 Jerzy Lewczyński BHP series 1960 ‘Watch out, accidents happen!’ The ABCs of Occupational Safety and Health If we look at the history of occupational safety and hygiene (OSH) during the People’s Poland era, we will see […]

ASYMETRIA Gallery: Reading Photography: Zofia Rydet – Janusz Korczak

Reading Photography: Zofia Rydet – Janusz Korczak 26th january 2013 to 8th march 2013 (b. 05 V 1911 in Stanisławów, d. 24 VII 1997 in Gliwice) The intimate and multilayered practice of Zofia Rydet are today part of both the Polish and international canon in the history of photography. Ever since her late debut (Rydet […]

Galeria Asymetria: No myths barred

Marek Piasecki No myths barred   Marek Piasecki, Bez tytułu, 1955-1967   28th september 2012 to 30th november 2012 The foremost point of reference for the exhibition of Marek Piasecki’s small forms at the Asymmetry Gallery is his studio at Siemiradzkiego Street 25 in Cracow, which was wound down in 1998. A curiosity room, micro-galaxy, surreal pharmacy, museum […]

Asymetria Gallery, Warsaw: Soc-Design-Photo 50.60.

Wojciech Plewiński, Polish Salon of Architecture, 1958 Collective exhibition Soc-Design-Photo 50.60. 27th february – 3rd april 2012 The exhibition is the first part of Polish Design Photo, a research, exhibition and editorial project initiated by the Asymetria Gallery, the Archaeology of Photography Foundation, and the Raster Gallery. Our intention is to take a closer look […]