SIMULTAN FESTIVAL #8 | ‘The beginning of the end’

SIMULTAN FESTIVAL #8 | 'The beginning of the end'

11-13 oct. 2012 Timisoara, Romania

SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to media art and artistic experiment, creating a bond between different media.

Initiated by a group of artists, the festival was born as an artistic project having the goal to create a cultural context of the 'here and now' on the local scene, encouraging new and innovative forms of artistic expression, as visual and sound language.

Annually, in the 3 days of events, take place video art screenings, audio-visual live performances, experimental music concerts, installations and lectures.

The festival features local artists and projects, as well as national and international artists and projects, with the support of the different cultural centers which activate in Romania. Thus, the event intends to establish new cultural and artistic bonds between the Romanian and the international art scene.

The 8th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place from October 11 to 13, under the theme 'The Beginning of The End' (TBOTE). This theme wishes to reflect upon the phenomenon 2012, which includes a set of cataclysmic or processing assumptions.

2012 is considered the year of changes, different Conspiracy theories were born about the apocalypse and the end of the world – those beliefs or speculations are related to the long Mesoamerican calendar, according to which a cycle ends in the history of Earth and mankind. A New Age interpretation of this transition would be that this date marks the beginning of a new era, a positive physical or spiritual transformation, abandoning reliance on the material level, allowing humanity to enter a new era, one of universal harmony.

Scientists have rejected proposals like pseudoscience, stating that it conflicts with simple astronomical observations and targets distraction from more important issues such as global warming and biodiversity loss.

These theories seem distant and unclear in relation to the pressure of the present and the uncertainty of the near future.

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