Simone Ghera is a Rome based architect and photographer. His exhibition DANCER INSIDE PRAGUE is part of a wider photography project that brought his work across Europe and beyond during the last 4 years.  

The exhibition DANCER INSIDE PRAGUE will be presented in the beautiful baroque chapel of the Italian Cultural Institute, in cooperation with the National Theatre. At the gala opening on May 5th 2014, several dance performances will be given by the company, headed by the Czech National Ballet soloists. 

The idea of DANCER INSIDE came by chance in 2007. Simone was attending a photography course  where he could observe and portrait some dancers during studio sessions. He was fascinated by the subject and decided to make it his primary focus. Later on, he moved his setting into outdoor locations that he chose led by his instinct only. His aim was  integrating the universal language of dance with the "genius loci", i.e. the architectural structures and materials typical of specific territorial identities. Simone’s shots show absolute spacial, where horizons, gravity, points of view and the very surfaces the dancers are moving on are purely arbitrary.

The project "DANCER INSIDE" was shown in several exhibitions in main cities of Europe (Rome, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, London) and also in Saint-Petersburg or Tel Aviv.

The exhibition will be on display until May 15th 2014 at the Italian Cultural Institute, Šporkova 14, Prague 1.

Italian Cultural Institute

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