SAMCA, Sofia: FotoEvidence


Paula Bronstein, William Daniel, Javier Arcenillas, Boniface Mwangi, Lizzie Sadin, Majid Saedi

16 May – 16 June 2013

Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art – SAMCA
presents the exhibition
Documentary photography

2, Cherni vryh Blvd.,
Sofia 1421 (Bulgaria)
Facebook: Sofia Arsenal-Museum for Contemporary Art

Fotoevidence is founded to use photography to draw attention to human rights violations, injustice, oppression and assaults on sovereignty or human dignity wherever they may occur. Everything is based on the certainty that the  photograph has changed not only people's perception but, in some cases, altered the course of history.

Paula Bronstein, William Daniel, Javier Arcenillas, Boniface Mwangi, Lizzie Sadin and Majid Saedi are photographers it the team of FotoEvidence. In the exhibition it is possible to feel their photographers’ commitment and courage in delivering painful truths. Their objective is to create an awareness and intolerance towards violations of human dignity.

Paula Bronstein shows life in Pakistan and Afghanistan. “I try to intimately bring my camera into the lives and the important tough issues that Afghan women deal with…” she said during an interview with Svetlana Bachevanova.

William Daniels’s work revolves around social issues and humanitarian concerns mostly focusing on isolated or weakened communities.

Javier Arcenillas creates photo essays where the main characters are integrated in societies that borders and sets upon any reason or right in a world that becomes increasingly more and more indifferent.

“One of the most powerful tools in the world is a camera, it has been used to bring down dictators, change society and influence change. My life mantra is ‘living my life to make a difference” and l make the difference through my work as a social documentary photographer.”, these are Boniface Mwangi’s words.

Lizzie Sadin has worked on photographic projects like: children behind bars, domestic violence in France, women trafficking, sex tourism, teenage mothers, early marriages, illegal immigration and teenage obesity.

Majid Saedi is an Iranian photographer. He has photographed throughout the Middle East for the past two decades, focusing on humanitarian issues, with a special interest in telling previously untold stories of social injustice. He also especially enjoys doing street photography – portraying citizens and ordinary life.

A photograph is a mirror of a reality and thanks to this exhibition you can realize something that sometimes we forgot: in some parts of the world life is hard and we must do whatever we can to change this situation because all the people must be respected and deserve live a good life

The exhibition FotoEvidence is realized in Bulgaria with the kind assistantance of Svetlana Bachevanova, a famous photographer, one of the team of FotoEvidence and It is included in the Month of Photography 2013.

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