Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv: Project 0

We have the pleasure to invite you to:

Project 0 

7 – 17 June 2014 

Opening of Project 0 – Zlatarska Str., Kapana (The Trap) Quarter 

7 June 2014 /Saturday/ 6 pm

Parallel program – Center for Contemporary Art – The Ancient 

Bath, Plovdiv 

Documentary Exhibition for Project 0 

7 – 19 June 2014 

Opening: 7 June /Saturday/ 7 pm 

After the opening, you are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine, at 8 pm 

International Conference on Art and Urban Public Space

9 June / Monday/ 9:30 am – 7 pm 

Project 0 by Kiril Kuzmanov started within the framework of Project 01 by Svetoslav Michev and Kiril Kuzmanov and curator Vladiya Mihaylova as part of Background: Young Artists 2010 exhibition by Sariev Gallery and Open Arts Foundation.

Project 0 envisages the construction of a double mirror wall that will cross perpendicularly Zlatarska Street in The Trap – a quarter in Plovdiv. 0 fits closely to the relief of the building facades on both sides of the street, with each side of 0 being constructed from 25 fragments – 12 pieces measuring 204×102 cm., and 13 pieces of varying sizes, a total of 50 fragments. The fragments each have a serial number, as well as one fiftieth of all the components that make up 0. Each of the fifty fragments will be produced when ordered by a person who wishes to be part of 0, at a net cost of the order, without including any surplus value whatsoever.

The process of realization of Project 0 is related with the setting up of a platform for generation of contents and dialogue. It aims to enhance the range of possible subjects and issues by including all participants in the project – partners, groups and individuals who have placed an order for a fragment, the inhabitants from Zlatarska Street in Kapana Quarter, those who are interested in the project, alongside comments by sociologists, cultural scientists, art critics, architects, etc.

The development of the platform closely follows the process of fragments being ordered, meanwhile creating a critical and public environment for the realization of Project 0.

This is how the “path” of Project 0 until May 2013 will be documented and at the same time presented as a process in which a project takes place in public space hence suggesting strategies of presentation, motivation, interests and perceptions of a wide range of people and institutions.


0 is a project idea generated by the space itself, and the people who inhabit it.

0 is an imaginary utopian filter for images, concepts and meanings passing by.

0 aims to re-activate the public imagination about the space by exploring and non-intrusively commenting on urban space, on stereotypes of living, of inhabiting, and whether these make a neighborhood visible or invisible.

0 is a “non-object”, “nonmaterial” filter composed of fragments with no remainder.

Kiril Kuzmanov

Project 0 is a work about the visionary, Utopian image, but likewise about the frame of the work as a specific filter, a media tending to the attainable zero of meanings. In a sense, it is the trap in The Trap, locked in the tight inaccessible and invisible space between the backs of two mirrors.

For his work Kiril Kuzmanov plans to set up a large double mirror in one of the narrowest streets in the very center of the quarter. The mirror closely fits the relief of the buildings facades on both sides, perpendicularly crossing the street. The author tackles a sophisticated idea of building a sculpture in public space, thus rationalizing the specific architectural environment that as though stretches in the mirror, strips itself from meaning and becomes transformed into a smooth reflective surface.

Kiril Kuzmanov sets a limit, it is the boundary between the imaginary and the real which cuts off the space of the street and closes it into the infinite cycle of a recurrent image. The mirror is a pause, it is space and non-space, an image and a non-image. Simultaneously present in urban areas and absent from them, it consequently becomes a work which has departed from itself alone. It is paradoxically focused on the impossible and unimaginable space enclosing the structure between the two mirrors. Intersected by the mesh of scaffolding pipes, this is an area of pure reality. It is the trap.

To the artist, the central idea is to create a non-object, immaterial work, a work consisting of fragments without a remainder or redundancy. The mirror is constructed from fifty separate pieces. Thus the integrity of the reflection is distorted, the fine raster lines between the pieces accentuate on the construction of the image – the image always has a frame, in its ostensive entirety and seeming comprehensiveness there is always a fragment. Kiril Kuzmanov sets authorship apart from the ownership of the work. Each of the pieces of the mirror will have an owner in advance, before being inserted into the structure. At the time of its realization the work will no longer belong to its author.

At the same time, however, it will not be an integrate work, a whole piece of art at any other time, except only while and where it is accomplished, thus further emphasizing its site-specificity. The cost of each of the fragments is determined based on the cost of each of the materials used for creating the structure, with no surplus, in order to emphasize the idea of nothing to spare, of lack of redundancy which the author suggests. By creating a filter – work without work, an image without an image, architecture without architecture, a street without a street, Kiril Kuzmanov creates space. This is the Utopian space of the mirror which, acting on the principle of reflection, constitutes a specific location and puts “me”/”us” in a certain place.

Text: Vladia Mihailova

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