OTHER AIR / ALT AER: Jan Švankmajer & Czech – Slovak Surrealists


Jan Švankmajer & Czech – Slovak Surrealists 

December 11, 2014 – January 31, 2015

Opening: December 11, 2014, 18:00, UNAgaleria (Budișteanu 10, Bucharest)

Jan Švankmajer Retrospective: December 12-14, 2014, 19:00, Cinemateca Eforie (Eforie 2, Bucharest)

The Exhibition OTHER AIR, of surrealist artists from Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as a special guests from Romania, will be presented for the first time in Romania. The event will be accompanied by a retrospective of films directed by Jan Švankmajer, who will come to Bucharest. 

The Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists is the biggest surrealist group in the world. Born in Prague in 1920, with the initial name of Devětsil [Butterbur], The Group of Surrealists in Czechoslovakia [Skupina surrealistů v ČSR], as it has been named in 1934, constituted of the very important part of Czechoslovak cultural life. 

After the occupation of Czech Lands by the Nazi Germany (1939), activities of the Group went into illegality. A new surrealist circle was formed in the fall of 1947. After the invasion of troops of the Warsaw Pact to Czechoslovakia in August 1968, any public activity of Czechoslovak surrealism was again banned by the law and its participants were directly or indirectly persecuted. It operated in illegality for twenty years. 

The Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists (the name of the group after the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia into two states), has organized, since 1990, a number of collective exhibitions in prestigious galleries – home as well as abroad (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Greece). As to 2014, The Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists has 24 direct participants. Jan Švankmajer is one of the most well known members of the Group. 

Jan Švankmajer is a Czech filmmaker and artist whose work spans several media. He is a self-labeled surrealist known for his animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Terry Gilliam, the Brothers Quay, and many others. Švankmajer has gained a reputation over several decades for his distinctive use of stop-motion technique, and his ability to make surreal, nightmarish, and yet somehow funny pictures. 

Jan Švankmajer’s works as well as the works of other members of, The Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists, can be seen for the first time in Romania, between December 11, 2014 and January 31, 2015, at UNAgaleria, Bucharest. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by the retrospecive of Švankmajer’s films, between

12 and 14 of December, at Cinemateca Eforie, in Bucharest. The screenings will start at 19:00. 

Artists: Jan Švankmajer, Eva Švankmajerová (†),Martin Stejskal, Karol Baron (†), Jan Daňhel, František Dryje, Jakub Effenberger, Jan Gabriel, Ivan Horáček, Lucie Hrušková, Josef Janda, Jan Kohout, Leonidas Kryvošej, Kateřina Kubíková, Roman Kubík, Andrew Lass, Albert Marenčin, Přemysl Martinec, Radim Němeček, Kateřina Piňosová, Bertrand Schmitt, Bruno Solařík, Ludvík Šváb (†),Václav Švankmajer, Roman Telerovský, Kristýna Žáčková, Gheorghe Rasovszky, Dan Stanciu, Iulian Tănase, Sasha Vlad.

Curators: Radka Prošková, Bruno Solařík 

The events are organised by the Czech Centre Bucharest. More informations on www.czech-it.ro.

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