Open call for media art from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

ArtUP! – Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

Open call for media art submissions 

Exhibition PARABOLE

ArtUP! – Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, a project of the Goethe-Institut in those three countries, is releasing an open call for artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey to take part in the new media art exhibition entitled PARABOLE that will be held in Bulgaria.

The project ArtUP!, in collaboration with artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, is creating virtual and cross-border local exhibitions with media-artistic connecting points on a diverse range of topics. The purpose of this is to put them into a regional context and then to present them online to a wider international audience.

Opening imaginary abstract fields, the exhibition PARABOLE attempts to catch the pulse of the region. It aims to provide new scenarios, visions and perspectives beyond any borders and crises, both financial and ethical, and transfers these topics into urban, rural and virtual spaces within the region.

The exhibition PARABOLE will be shown locally in Bulgaria in several venues with opening events in time sequences, between April and June 2013, that follow the shape of a parabole curve. The PARABOLE will also run on the virtual exhibition space ArtUP!.

Any artist from Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey, whose artwork is media art based, can apply for participation in the exhibition. 

Deadline for submissions: 15th March 2013

Detailed information about the application process and the exhibition is available at the following link: 

Contact information 

Goethe-Institut Sofia

Ul. Budapesta 1

1000 Sofia


Tel. +359 2 9390 100

Mobile: + 359 878 643 638

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