Moravian Gallery, Brno: Prison – No Limits for Art

Prison: No Limits for Art

Exhibition: 6/4/2012 – 13/5/2012
Entrance fee: voluntary admission fee
Building: Museum of Applied Arts
Opening hours
Wed-Sun: 10-18, Thu: 10-19, Mon, Tue: closed
Date of exhibition opening: 5/4/2012 17:00

Leading contemporary artists and inmates from seven Czech prisons are jointly exhibiting their works in a gallery for the first time, thanks to the project Prison: No Limits for Art. Among the thirty-or-so participating artists are laureates of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, as well as a number of other prize-winning artists who exhibit domestically and abroad. The collaborative pairs, each composed of an artist and an inmate, include names like Michal Pěchouček, Jiří Franta, David Böhm, Pavel Sterec, Filip Cenek, Eva Koťátková, Pasta Onerand Jaromír 99. They have created works of art that arise from contemporary artistic trends.

At the basis of this project is a continual effort to present fine art to socially excluded groups. The exhibition will present collaborative efforts of almost thirty pairs, made up of the artists on the contemporary Czech art scene working together with those interested from the ranks of the imprisoned. After corresponding the pairs started their work based on contemporary artistic trends.

The aim of the exhibition is to pose questions concerning the social role of art, which should be greatly helped by a richly structured accompanying programme.

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