MNAC – Palace of Parliament, Bucharest: .3 + 10. MNAC.

.3 + 10. MNAC.

13 years of existence

10 years in the Palace of Parliament 

THU 27.11.2014, 19.00

MNAC – Palace of Parliament

19.00. DEIMANTAS NARKEVIČIUS, Cupboard and a Song

ground floor 

Curator: Călin Dan

Deimantas Narkevičius pulls out the images stored in our heads through the subtle processes of (collective) memory, and translates them into phantoms of a resilient past that haunts mercilessly but gently the present. Working mostly with cinematic means (cinema – the medium of phantoms revival par excellence), the artist remains a believer in the virtues of space as a container of public tensions and a promoter of sculpture as a healer of historical traumas.

19.30. Bucharest Artistic Education and Romanian Art after 1950 

Exhibition on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the National University of Arts 

1st floor

Curator: Adrian Guță

"The exhibition brings together works from artists, Professors and graduates – some of them later going on to being Professors themselves – belonging to different generations of what we nowadays call the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Six decades of artistic achievement, from the 50s to present, and many artistic statements. The visitor will encounter wellknown works, while also (re)discovering rarely exhibited ones." – Adrian Guță

In partnership with the National University of Arts

20.00. Dispositions in Time and Space

Exhibition generated by the Mobile Biennale 1

2nd floor

Curators: Adrian Bojenoiu, Raluca Velisar

The exhibition Dispositions in Time and Space brings up the mobility (understood as complex relational factor) and requests the participants to deliver their own discourse both in relation to the present, as a position undertaken, as well as in relation to the movement and evolution of what we call art. Also, another key aspect is how they define their current commitment to art through an unconditional relation to these two universal coordinates, Time and Space, whose absence renders any discourse impossible.

Performances Program: 21.15 Anetta Mona Chișa (CZ) / 21.25 Andreea Buțincu (RO) / 21.45 Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield (UK)

In partnership with Club ElectroPutere, Bucharest Czech Center

20.30. New Beginnings. Latest Acquisitions from the Collection of MoCA Belgrade 

3rd floor

Curators: Sandra Demetrescu, Misela Blanusa

The exhibition reunites a selection of works from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, and presents their new acquisitions strategy (after 2001) that sets its focus on post-Yugoslav and Central-East-European art. 

In partnership with MoCAB (Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade)


4th floor

Curators: Irina Cios, Iosif Király

Opened on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, the exhibition brings together artists from the Photography and Moving Image department, established in 1995. It highlights the artistic approaches diversity from introspective photo-video research and interactive multimedia installations to actions and institutional critique or social activism. 

In partnership with the National University of Arts and the International Center for Contemporary Art, Atelier 35

22.15. Concert PC Harem

2nd floor

22.30. Cannibal Disco Party

cafeteria, 4th floor 


© Ioana Nemeș – WHAT ABOUT Y[OUR] MEMORY, paper object, 18x24cm, 2002, Iosif Király collection

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