0GMS gallery  presents: 


Maximilian Pramatarov 

11 September – 1 November 2013 

Opening: 11 September (Wednesday), 19h00 

The exhibition deals with a broad range of subjects and patterns – from profound personal experiences of the everyday, through conceptual staging and abstract results from experimenting with the photographic process. The focal point is not determined, the narrativeis not scripted. The viewers are encouraged to enter the works trough their own eyes and their own life. 

Excerpts from an Interview with Maximilian Pramatarov by Renée Gadsden

Why do you name your photographs, why do you leave some untitled? 

Names are important – sometimes. Most of all, it doesn’t matter where the picture was taken. 

“I’m not geopolitical.” 

Why color, and why here in black and white? 

Why not? I also like to make staged photographs, or to take spontaneous shots. I work with analogue as well as digital photography.“I like to photograph. It’s as simple as that. I work with layers, different techniques, to put more than one image on top of each other. I'm my 'improved works' I scratch into the prints, removing the surface of the photographic paper to add another layer. I drew lightning coming from the woman’s hands in I’ve Got Headlights (2012). I find images in my archive, good photographs, but I see that something is missing. So I add this missing thing, with my scalpel. Or I do it another way. I see a shot, but see  that something is missing. So I put it in and photograph it, like in A Tree (Was Here), 2008. I put a sign with that phrase into the scene, and then made the picture. 

What do you like to photograph? Any themes? 

I’m not impressed with massive stuff; I like looking at small things. “Details are quite important for me” I like ‘in-between’ situations; I present the viewer with a situation but don’t say what it is. I give a hint, indicate the hidden in everyday life. Just suggest it, not put‐it‐in‐your‐face. This is how I explore the world. The topics of my work are different measures of conflicts and confronts, hidden in our ordinary everyday life. 

Maximilian Pramatarov is well versed in the poetics of. “I am open to everything. I photograph as I feel. It's my emotion” tosses Pramaratov into the conversational air. 

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