Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca: GERMAN KLEINFORMAT


Annika Albrecht | Michael Biber | Lutz Braun | Mitya Churikov | Cristina Curcan | Sebastian Dacey | Vivian Greven | Ioan Grosu | Friedemann Heckel | Lou Hoyer | Lucian Indrei | Ji Su Kang | Carola Keitel | Hanna Körner | Philipp Rößle | Natascha Schmitten, Berit Schneidereit | Liv Schwenk | Lea Steffens | Max Thiel | Sven Kevin Tölle | Josef Zky

6 June – 4 July 2013

Lateral ArtSpace is pleased to be the host of German Kleinformat, a project that has traveled so far to Düsseldorf, Koln, Berlin, Munich, London and Mexico City.

German Kleinformat is an initiative of Natascha Schmitten, Vivian Greven and Philipp Rößle; a group of young German artists.

‘German Kleinformat’ offers an insight into the diverse contemporary German  arts scene, by the works of different  artists, brought together from cities like Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich. This exhibition displays a variety of styles and approaches towards the means of representation, however, small scale is an underlying theme throughout the exhibition. The exhibiting artists varied from show to show.

Participating artists in Cluj- Napoca:  Annika Albrecht, Michael Biber, Lutz Braun, Mitya Churikov, Cristina Curcan, Sebastian Dacey,  Vivian Greven, Friedemann Heckel, Lou Hoyer, Lucian Indrei, Ji Su Kang, Carola Keitel, Hanna Körner, Philipp Rößle, Natascha Schmitten, Berit Schneidereit, Liv Schwenk, Lea Steffens, Max Thiel, Sven Kevin Tölle, Josef Zky.

Lateral Art Space |
Fabrica de Pensule |  
Henri Barbusse 59-61/ Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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