Lateral Art Space: MuLu | Passing by

The name of the project, Mu/Lu, is an abbreviation from our names, Musz-Cristina Curcan and Lucian Indrei, and it is an abbreviation we wanted to have because it says something important about us, that is, that we are a couple. And that our creative discourse has been born from our shared life. We have been together for almost 4 years now, since November 2008, and we have started collecting “memories” of the experiences we had together. It is something regular couples do – documenting their history in various ways, usually by taking photos or videos. Only that we did it in an abstract way. We saved all the receipts, invoices and tickets (plane tickets, train tickets, tickets from museums, cinemas, etc) that we managed to keep. In a way, all these documents are our “photographs”, which, though in a different shape, fulfill the same function.

Or maybe even more, because a receipt is a better proof of what has happened than a mere image. The project also proposes a social and financial analysis on being a young artist living in Romania, by questioning a normal-as-it-can-be habit,that of collecting objects and experiences. In the era of “I consume, hence I exist”, each product we purchase says something about us, about our preferences, and automatically circumscribes us to certain categories and labels, while also making predictions about the future “choices” we will make.

Initially, we wanted to arrange all the collected materials in the form of a diary. But, though each object belongs to us and it represents a piece of our private lives, it also belongs to the issuing entity (because, on legal grounds, each ticket or receipt has a copy or is to be found in a database). “They” end up putting a print on our life, while we hold a consequence of their existence. 

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