Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn: Come In. Interior Design as a Medium of Contemporary Art in Germany

Come In. Interior Design as a Medium of Contemporary Art in Germany
22.02.13–02.06.13  11:00–18:00

The exhibition examines the points of contact between the fine arts and applied art, and delineates the common elements and differences in these creative fields. Objects, sculptures, installations and videos by German artists representing 25 different artistic positions will be on display. In addition to the works of the German artists, the work of Sigrid Viir and Villu Jaanisoo, which deals with similar topics, will also be exhibited.

"Come In is an exhibition that studies the relationship of art with design and everyday objects, and it also examines the characteristic traits of, as well as ways of looking at and using, furniture, interior design objects and interior solutions," said Kati Ilves, the coordinator of the exhibition. "The exhibition tempts and seduces the viewer in order to direct attention to the environment being created and to its characteristic traits and practices."

The designs of the furniture in the exhibition can be narrowly defined as the conferrers of initial visual impressions. However, the design solutions, which seem like totally ordinary interior elements at first glance – benches, sofas, tables, tableware, items related to interiors and other objects – turn out to be dysfunctional upon closer examination. Instead of their utilisation value and functionality, these objects bank on the viewers' acceptance and the communicative situation. These are objects with the primary goal of reflecting the ideas, trains of thought and site interpretations that various interior design and architectural elements create and provide.

The works of two Estonian artists are included in the exhibition. In Sigrid Viir's photo series Routine Destroyer, the viewer meets strange machines constructed of everyday objects. Villu Jaanisoo's wooden wash machine approaches the relationship between high tech and primitive materials through absurdist humour.

The additional works represent an artistic position that relates to the exhibition's topic by associating the theme established by Come In with contemporary art in various parts of the world.

Many of the objects in the exhibition also speak more generally of the interiors for which they have been created, and can be linked to a specific historical context or the artist's personal life and aesthetic values.

Additional information about the artists is provided by the exhibition catalogue (in German).

Exhibition curator: Renate Goldmann, PhD
The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Ifa and the Goethe Institute.

Come In. Interior Design as a Medium of Contemporary German Art will be open in the large hall of the Kumu Art Museum until 2 June 2013

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