Jecza Gallery: Two Positions / Michael Koch & Marcus Zobl

Austrian Contemporary Art Exhibition at Jecza Gallery

Michael Koch & Marcus Zobl

30 March, 2013 – 30 April, 2013

Openning: Saturday, March 30, 2013, 19,00

The exhibition by Michael Koch and Marcus Zobl contain a combination of sculptures/ wall sculptures and paintings. Marcus Zobl referes to the host country over to Carmen Silva, last Rumanian queen, and her conversion to the Bahai religion.He presents 19 light sculptures built from dioramas with one picture slide at the top, illuminated with a light below. 19 is an important number in Baha'i religion. The calendar is divided into 19 days and after 19 days there will be a festival. The 19 light towers will be completed through a booklet, consisting 19 pages and 19 photographs by the artist. He is working with iphone photos, transformed into analog pictures, and those slides are building the topping of the towers.
Another object is a cabin, shaped like a stupa, containing nothing. Marcus Zobl is referring to the statement "a man should plant a tree, have a child and build a house". The closed and empty form of the stupa reminds him strikingly of the predication. A cabin without meaning and without content, a hermetically sealed object as a symbol for a fulfilled life. This work is called "Stup A" (apiary A).

Michael Koch presents a series of reduced wall sculptures. The shapes are varied and often relate to situations in daily life, such as barrier lines and scaffoldings at construction sites or on sound / music, in which he tries to illustrate sound. His workpieces are often segmented, which are related to each other. Mostly he is polishing and painting the wood like glossy coated furnitures. His newest pieces are stopped in progress to show the wood and the structure of the surface. Some have evolved from the collaboration with the sound artist Karl Salzmann. Michael Koch is decoding notes in visible parts, which form together a picture of notes, a possible melody. For example, he picked up the distances between feedback and a diverging radius of a circular microphone and translated it into concentric circles and geometric symbols. This translation gives an image of sound, which represents the speed, rotation, and the pauses between notes.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Baril Gallery Cluj and Schleifmuhlgasse 12-14 Vienna.

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