Inside Insights @Aiurart

Aiurart, Lirei nr. 21, București


Opening: 1st february, 6pm

Artists: Airam & Oana Decem, Alexandra Carastoian, [EVA], Oana Lohan, Sorin Oncu, Adrian Popescu, Lea Rasovszky

Curators: Valentina Iancu și Lea Rasovszky

Documentary section by: Florin Buhuceanu, Mihaela Cîrjan, Valentina Iancu

On the first day of February, Aiurart plays host to the varnishing of the Inside Insights exhibition, a project marking the opening of the 2nd edition of the LGBT History Month. Inside Insights is a curatorial project undertaken by Valentina Iancu and Lea Rasovszky focusing on the cultural issues of diversity and gender identity dynamics.

This exhibition is built as a dialogue between the past and the present, aiming to offer a broad perspective on the dynamics of gender identity and the social realities of the LGBT community in Romania. The works comprise of a series of projects made by Airam & Oana Decem, Alexandra Carastoian, [EVA], Oana Lohan, Sorin Oncu, Adrian Popescu and Lea Rasovszky focusing on a range of stereotypes and myths about sexual orientation and gender identity. We open a debate on the barriers separating the private and the public spheres, and on issues concerning individual freedom and discrimination in contemporary Romania.

A documentary section on this community’s history was compiled by Florin Buhuceanu, Mihaela Cirjan and Valentina Iancu. 

This Exhibition will be available at Aiurart until the end of February.

Aiurart is proud to present the Accept Association’s Project as part of the LGBT History Month

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