Artworks from the collection of Slava Nakovska and Nedko Solakov


March 8th – April 19th 2014

Opening – Friday, March 7th, 6 pm

The exhibition International Women's Day is the first public showing of parts of the art collection of Slava Nakovska and Nedko Solakov. The part presented in the show includes works by 33 female artists from Bulgaria and 20 other countries. It is a special selection for March 8th – the International Day of the Working Woman, which is celebrated for more than 100 years all over the world.

The exhibits, the canvases, the drawings, the sculptures, the photographs, the video films, the artist's books and newspapers, the objects – demonstrate the variety of art practices in the last decades. The oldest work in the show was created in the birth year of the collector; the newest – only last year. Some of the artists in the show are global celebrities, others are national classics, and still others are emerging artists whose due recognition is yet to come. They are sharing the same space because of the interest, the love and the appreciation of the collectors with their individual tastes, open horizons of reception and amazing orientation in the artistic life. The choice and the connections are annotated by Nedko Solakov next to the works in the show.

The exhibition is offering a kind of a micro model of the world art scene where individual languages and approaches, the formal, analytical, ironical and critical discourses, no matter how autonomous they are, get intertwined into a shared context that is the very core of the history of art.

Of course, that is just a small part of the much larger and constantly growing international collection of Slava Nakovska and Nedko Solakov, which is adorned by the works of such artists as Lucio Fontana, Sol LeWitt, Ilya Kabakov, Daniel Buren, Lawrence Wiener, Raymond Pettibon, Thomas Hirschhorn, Martin Creed and many others that we hope to be able to present to our audience in the future.

The exhibition showcases works by: Adelina Popnedeleva, Aleksandra Mir, Alla Georgieva, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Boryana Rossa, Ceal Floyer, Cristina Lucas, Dace Liela, Dessislava Mintcheva, Emily Jacir, Frances Goodman, Francesca Woodman, Iskra Blagoeva, Karin Sander, Mariela Gemisheva, Maria Eichhorn, Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum, Marlene Dumas, Mathilde ter Heijne, Mihaela Vlaseva, Mona Hatoum, Monica Bonvicini, Nevin Aladag, Paola Pivi, Pipilotti Rist, Rada Boukova, Rouska Marinova, Rouska Valkova, Slavka Deneva, Snejana Simeonova, Sophie Calle, Šejla Kamerić, and Zara Alexandrova,

Curator: Iara Boubnova

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