The limits of technique after the Fasteco Age

curators: Cosmina Chituc & Alexandru Branişte [RO]

artists: Nicu Ilfoveanu / Jan Eugen / Michele Bressan

Starting: Wednesday, 16.01.2013, 6 P.M. (work in progress)

Atelier 030202 (Bucharest, 11 Sf. Vineri)

Following the invitation of the organizers of the 5th edition of IEEB, Square Media proposes an experimental studio inviting the artists Nicu Ilfoveanu and Michele Bressan, together with Jan Eugen, to make a collective work. 

As the discussion about the image is beyond the technology of its production, as well The limits of technique after the Fasteco Age is going beyond exhibition practice and a studio of pushing standards and mechanical processes begins. The meaning of this work is different from the unitary concept of an unic visual sign. It refers visualy and practically to the work on a determined field. The perspectives, posibilities and limits are indeterminated and precisely is differences work together.

Nicu Ilfoveanu is an artist showing an interest in a slow-tech approach to mediums such as photography and film, besides self-publishing. His work is characterized by the interplay between personal and documentary, between sublime and trivial, between evidence and hidden-subjects. He recently exhibited at FotoFestival, Mannheim-Ludwigshafen-Heidelberg, Germany and PotoEspagna, Cuenca, Spain. He lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

Michele Bressan is a visual artist working with photography and film, based in Bucharest since 1993.

His work focuses on documenting aspects of the romanian post-communist reality, using the photographic medium as a means of artistic research. By the practice of portraying his surroundings through series having the typology of a subjective journal, or by a more distant approach, he offers a comment, and in the same time the possibility to relate to a scene, witnessing the particularities and mechanisms of a society in a slow transition process.

His works has been exhibited at Mois de la Photo, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Musée dÁrt Moderne Saint Etienne, ESSL Museum Wien, National Museum of Contemporary Arts Bucharest, Fondazione Fotografia Modena.

Jan Eugen is an visual artist sensitive to surfaces, to the quality of image, textures, to the expression of the materials he works with. His visual interest is strong related to his studio work which doubles his permanent search for shape and object manufacture, often using the connection between techniques and technology. He has exhibited photography and installation in various galleries in Romania, Italy, Greece and Hungary. he has participated to the development of public monuments in Romania. With Alexandru Braniste he is the intiator of Square Media and production coordinator. Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

Square Media is an ultragiclee print studio, technical experiment, graphic design and production. The permanet contact with the photo artists and personal experiences led to the developement of limited editions, to the international recognition and to the own projects – editorials or visual experiments.

with participating of: Alexandru Braniste, Cosmina Chituc, Irina Marculescu, Viorel Lascu, Ciprian Ciuclea 

thanks to: Sorin Nainer, Mihai Barabancea, Epson Romania, Mons Medius

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