Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia: China – Love Cutting

China – Love Cutting
Stéphanie Borcard
and Nicolas Métraux

17.06.2013 – 07.07.2013

In the frame of the fourth edition of the Month of Photography, Credo Bonum Gallery presents a photography exhibition by the Swiss artists Stéphanie Borcard and Nicolas Métraux.

"China – Love Cutting" is a series of diptychs of Chinese hairdressers and their respective living quarters: A dialogue between public image and private sphere. Pictures were taken in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, remotely located from Beijing and Shanghai. With its 14 million inhabitants, it is a booming economic center in Western China. A vast percentage of its population comes from the surrounding countryside and seeks new opportunities in the city.

Job offers, which include accommodation, are highly sought after by money-driven applicants. The lodging provided varies greatly: windowless rooms, basic dorms, sometimes private rooms. Employees will often spend a few years living under such conditions before attempting to get a place of their own. These young people comprise China's soaring migrant population.

Both born in 1978, Stéphanie Borcard and Nicolas Métraux come from Switzerland. They mostly work on personal projects. Human interactions are at the heart of what they do: it shapes their process as well as the content of their photographs. Their recent series "China – Love Cutting", "A Bosnian Spring" and "Studentenverbindungen" all focus on young people and their relation to society. Their work has been showcased in Paris, Toulouse, Perpignan and Fribourg and has won numerous international awards. Currently they are collaborating with Swissinfo, Le Temps and other Swiss media.

"Month of Photography" 2013, organized by APB Yanka Kyurkchieva, will again delight Bulgarian audience with a rich palette of photographic experience. Numerous exhibitions, discussions and meetings with theme photography will enrich the cultural life of Sofia in June. The art of carriers of the most prestigious photography awards as well as young talents will be displayed in various gallery spaces in Sofia. Artists from Bulgaria, USA, Israel, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Singapore and Switzerland will present many of the faces of the photography.

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