CHIȘINEU: A new fence – video de/by Natalia JURMINSKAIA, 2013

A new fence, 2013

Natalia Jurminskaia

Starting with year 2011, the appearance of new construction sites in Chisinau caused many divergences within society. On one hand, the economic agents, supported by representatives of the City Hall and corrupt functionaries, extend their illegal affairs, on the other hand, the journalists and the citizens try to fight against these conspirative actions. For many years the inhabitants of the city are confronting with such interventions in the public space, which consequently lead to the destruction of green areas, of the playgrounds for children and to the demolition of architectural monuments.

The film made in 2013 for the Amateur film festival presents several important cases from 2012-2013, which could have caused grave consequences for the city residents. In the majority of cases, the civil society and the activists in association with the free press and honest functionaries gained victory, although some destroyed material goods couldn’t be recovered.

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