Calina Gallery, Timisoara: UPPER CLASS SUPERVISED

Flavia Lupu  


Flavia Lupu, The Mistery Supper, 2014

June 16th – July 23th, 2014

CALINA Gallery – Contemporary Art Space, Timisoara

curator: Olivia Niţiş

Upper Class Supervised is the first part of a work-in-progress project, the second one under the title I’m a Spoiled Daughter of a Politician following this autumn at Victoria Art Center in Bucharest .

The self referential project illustrates not only the status and the identities assumed at the border between public and private on the background of political realities that are implicitly accessible for the artist, but also the process of assuming a discourse on power relations between the two spheres in the context of permanent transfers and political influences on private life.

 The environment the artist is part of, being the daughter of a deputy of Constanţa, claims its surveillance rights pushed towards the failure of privacy.

”The Mistery Supper” (aka ”The Lord’s Supper”/”The Lady’s Supper”) is an event that shifts the cultural iconography in the architecture of thinking. It becomes a political paradigm with an iconographic meaning focused on the realtionship between gender and power.

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