Calina Gallery, Timisoara: Happy End of Nature

Opening: September 2 2013, 6pm

It is the first time when the HANAKAM & SCHULLER group displays its items in Romania, at Calina Gallery, Timisoara.

Markus Hanakam was born in 1979, Essen, Germany. He learned at the University from Essen, the Faculty of Arts and Design, and at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, the departments of Pedagogy, Sculpture and Multimedia.

Roswitha Schuller was born in 1984, Friesach, Austria. She studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, the departments of Pedagogy, Sculpture and Multimedia. Roswitha Schuller has obtained her PhD in the sociology of art with her thesis, “Happy End of Nature. The role of the Arcadian in socio-cultural spaces”.

The two of them are involved in teamwork, as Hanakam & Schuller, being preoccupied with various contexts: video, interactive computer, installations, drawings, drawings organized in portfolios. They approach current artistic strategies, which they transform, often ironically, into personal strategies. Their works of art are composed of the old and new techniques of photography and film, they use anonymous objects, imaginary objects and the objects they have found, a sort of activated hybrids with synthetic parts and industrially manufactured, provided with emotional significations, proportions or functions, and developing an individual universe.

Their interest consists in the reinterpretation of traditional sculptures by focusing on a certain organization, a certain atmosphere, which is sometimes friendly and frequently strange.

They started with the analysis of environmental structure in a zone of consumption. A safe area, the milk and honey type. A world of convenience, transformed by the pragmatism of art into a personal colorful world. In this kind of world all problems are real illusions. 

Hanakam & Schuller apply the 19th century landscape theories, the transparent architecture, which uses light as an element of form. They use not only illusions and mimetic surfaces, but also the abstract and geometric filter, the forms’ language from constructivism. They experience the qualities of a world before the invasion of photography but also the moment of pictorial production through the agency of light. They develop virtual contexts, the imaginary in photographies, the possible way of thinking. They are always free, authorized and certified to develop their own nature. A phenomenon nature always at its beginnings and always at its ends.

Since 2005 they have organized their exhibitions in Europe, the United States of America, Japan, Russia.

Selection: 2013, Videodumbs, Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, New York, SUA; 2012, Rencontres International, Palais de Tokyo, Paris; 2012, Japan Media Art Festival, National Arts Festival, Tokyo; 2011, The 4th Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia; 2011, ISEA The 17th International Symposium for Electronic Art, Istanbul, Turkey; 2010, The Conditional Form of the Real, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, Russia.

Liviana Dan, curator

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