BÁZIS contemporary art space, Cluj: THE CAMOUFLAGING STRATEGY

BÁZIS contemporary art space


artists: Simone ZACCAGNINI & Anna GRAMACCIA (Berlin)

Event details:

opening: 25th October 2013, 19.00

Address: Paintbrush Factory, 1st floor, 59-61 Henri Barbusse street, Cluj-Napoca

The value of mimetic behavior lies in its ability to avoid becoming a passive object of vision. Camouflage is a natural strategy for enhancing survival in response to environmental uncertainty by creating a deception in the seeing eye.

When outlines fade and shapes are broken, the observed object assimilates itself with the environment. If something cannot disappear, it can at least look like what it is not, creating a crossover of information and preventing its recognition.

There emerges a comfort-zone, a field of privacy in which one can mediate between the impulse to show and the one to hide, the need to stand out and the one to take part.

Camouflage allows one to manage one's profile in terms of low visibility, which may be accessed through a series of visual passwords, allowing the subject to choose its own contacts.

Visual relationships and forms of control established through this ambiguity are a hidden side of collective consciousness.

Observing or being observed. Pretending to disappear.

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