1Galerii, Tallinn: Frank Jons / Jüri Kask

Frank Jons / Jüri Kask

5 March 2012 – 10 June 2012

And still they have something in common. The word ‘surface’ loses any meaning on both of the author’s paintings, because in the world of abstractions casual rules are not valid. Frank Jons and Jüri Kask are moving freely in that sphere, yet in a completely different direction. Kask can be characterized as ratio of moderation and measurement, strict control and completely composed. The material for his work is the shape of life around him, where else would he find the purpose for his refined forms. Work of Jons, in the other hand, is impulsive and enriches the author.  He enjoys the friction and resonance of pure pigments with emotionality and lush in every single piece. Both authors have found life-long endeavour in their own works.

Jüri Kask
The drawings and paintings of Jüri Kask guide us into world of pure shapes. It is a never-ending question about finding the ideal form. The artistic production of Kask visualize author’s personal inner freedom through clean-cut constructions.

Frank Jons
The strength in the paintings of Frank Jons is taking advantage of accidence, which is canalized by author’s personality. His glass-like surfaces of flowing pigment possess tremendous potential of colour: this visual explosion is at once physical and emotional experience.

Rüütli 4. Tallinn

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