September 23 – December 27, 2014


Opening: September 23, Tuesday

18:00 – 20:00

Kuad Gallery has been inspired by the esteemed economist and thinker Ernst Friedrich Schumacher and renamed its latest exhibition after his valued recollection of his essays in 1973, ‘Small is Beautiful’, which, recently, has regained a well-deserved attention in the context of the last decade’s economical crises.

The same name has also been preferred by several other exhibitions where art works of small size were presented to the public. In accordance with the concept, in our latest exhibition, various paintings, sketches, designs, photographs, video works and installations of small-scale will be presented. And the aim of our exhibition is to experience the possible methods and genres of aesthetics as how to overcome the negative impacts of social and economic crises on art. However, these methods and genres have been well known to public since the ‘replicas’, ‘readymades’ and ‘editions’ of Marcel Duchamp. Despite the fact that those artworks had been made to enforce the attainment of low-income social groups to the artworks, it could not have prevented those ‘pseudo-cheap’ pieces from falling into the hands of the rich as expensive objects. (more…)



opening November 25th 6 pm

exhibition until January 4th 2015

participating artist: Jan Pfeiffer (CZ)

curator: Michal Novotný



opening October 2nd 6 pm

exhibition until January 4th 2015

participating artists: Zbyněk Baladrán, Václav Girsa, Isabela Grosseová, Dominik Hejtmánek, Nikola Ivanov, Stanislav Karoli, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Jan Kolský, Pavel Sterec, Vojtěch Rada, Rafani, Sláva Sobotovičová, Jan Šerých, Lenka Vítková, Junsheng Zhou (všichni CZ) (more…)

Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art: Double Feature #1

Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art presents:

Double Feature #1

Cvijanović & Hasanović

13 Dec 2014 – 18 Jan 2015

Opening: 13 December, 7 p.m

Open: Wed – Sat from 4 – 8 p.m

Double Feature is a new event format to be introduced by Tirana Art Lab with the aim of systematically displaying in our premises, two artistic positions in dialog with each other, to the Albanian, the regional and international audience.

For the first time in Albania we would like to show the work of the Croatian artist Nemanja Cvijanović and the Bosnian born artist Ibro Hasanović. (more…)


Vienna’s international art fair from 2015 in Marx Halle

Under a new name and in a new location VF Betriebgesellschaft mbH will organize Vienna’s international art fair at the gateway between East and West: viennacontemporary.

From 24 to 27 September 2015 viennacontemporary will be held at Marx Halle, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030, Vienna. The unchanged team of VF Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, led by artistic director Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt and managing director Renger van den Heuvel, guarantees the continuity and the quality of services for galleries, collectors, representatives of art instiutions, visitors and VIP Guests.

With a new name and a new location, VF Betriebsgesellschaft mbH makes a strong statement regarding the further development of the international contemporary art fair and the importance of Vienna as a market place. (more…)

BLOK art space: Waves


January 15th –  February 28th, 2015


Ebru Yetişkin


Alp Çoksoyluer

Alper Derinboğaz

Ayşe Gül Süter

Candaş Şişman

Erdal İnci

Korhan Erel

Osman Koç

Ozan Türkkan

Refik Anadol

Büşra Tunç

Deniz Kader

"Waves" exhibition, with its point of origin from one of nature's most fundamental movements, brings together Turkey's most prominent new media artists and their works on science, art, and technology.

Sound waves; light waves; brain waves; financial fluctuations; crowd flows; and the tides of our daily lives.. (more…)

CHIȘINEU: A new fence – video de/by Natalia JURMINSKAIA, 2013

A new fence, 2013

Natalia Jurminskaia

Starting with year 2011, the appearance of new construction sites in Chisinau caused many divergences within society. On one hand, the economic agents, supported by representatives of the City Hall and corrupt functionaries, extend their illegal affairs, on the other hand, the journalists and the citizens try to fight against these conspirative actions. For many years the inhabitants of the city are confronting with such interventions in the public space, which consequently lead to the destruction of green areas, of the playgrounds for children and to the demolition of architectural monuments. (more…)

Alkatraz Gallery: Adrijan Praznik – The Lost World

Adrijan Praznik: The Lost World

23 December 2014 > 23 January 2015

Kindly invited to the opening of The Lost World exhibition by Adrijan Praznik, on Tuesday, 23rd December at 8pm at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova.

The exhibition The Lost World (Izgubljeni svet) of Adrijan Praznik, an artist of a young generation, held at the Alkatraz Gallery, consists of recent paintings with an attempt to lead a viewer into a real visual experience. It evokes feelings of admiration, respect and fear, achieved by a proper measure of visual experiments based on manipulation of modern technology and materials that the painter utilizes by reflecting the images on canvas in an unanticipated manner.

The Lost World, can be read literally, as a world that is no more to be found, a world that ceases to exist. Despite its gaze into the past, it is a title bearing within a consideration about the future. With every new, apparently big invention, the world changes by such a degree that it can no longer be thought from a past position. Often we tend to forget that we live in the worlds we do not only inhabit physically, but that it is the physical triggers who allow us to enter these worlds mentally. (more…)


Victoria Art Center invites you Tuesday, December 16, 7 pm, to the opening of the exhibition CIRCUMSTANCES FAVORABLE TO NATURAL SELECTION   (IEEB6 parallel event)

Curator Olivia Nițiș

Two different geographies relate to the same issues: the current context of ecological policies, local as well as global environmental contexts, forced migration due to climate change and human intervention, the domestic and the public spaces as spaces of interaction with nature through people’s daily decisions with highly increased impact on the environment. Natural selection in the process of evolution is now replaced by evolution through human intervention. Artificial selection/selective breeding, the industrial landscape reconfiguration, fracking, gold mining, chemical agriculture and industrial animal farming are followed by a strong ethical reaction and scientific analysis of human evolution, its mechanisms and anthropological ideologies. (more…)

IEEB6, Bucharest: Opening of the 6th edition of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial

Experimental Project Association in partnership with the “Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center Mogoșoaia announces the opening of the 6th edition of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial (IEEB).

The IEEB6 events will take place at the “Brancovan Palaces” Mogoșoaia, Victoria Art Center, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space and Atelier 030202 between 13th December 2014 and 29th March 2015 as follows:


Curator: Javier Martin Jimenez (Spain)

Artists: Javier Arce (Spain); Sara Bjarland (Finland); Pedro Luis Cembranos (Spain); Emma Crichton (United Kingdom); María García-Ibáñez (Spain); Mito Gegič (Slovenia); Jerónimo Hagerman (Mexico); László Hatházi (Hungary); Kaszás Tamás (Hungary); Liudmila & Nelson (Cuba); Ángel Masip (Spain); Elena Nieto López (Spain); Misha de Ridder (The Netherlands); Belén Rodríguez González (Spain); Julia Rometti & Victor Costales (France); Zoé T. Vizcaíno (Mexico). (more…)

OTHER AIR / ALT AER: Jan Švankmajer & Czech – Slovak Surrealists


Jan Švankmajer & Czech – Slovak Surrealists 

December 11, 2014 – January 31, 2015

Opening: December 11, 2014, 18:00, UNAgaleria (Budișteanu 10, Bucharest)

Jan Švankmajer Retrospective: December 12-14, 2014, 19:00, Cinemateca Eforie (Eforie 2, Bucharest)

The Exhibition OTHER AIR, of surrealist artists from Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as a special guests from Romania, will be presented for the first time in Romania. The event will be accompanied by a retrospective of films directed by Jan Švankmajer, who will come to Bucharest. 

The Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists is the biggest surrealist group in the world. Born in Prague in 1920, with the initial name of Devětsil [Butterbur], The Group of Surrealists in Czechoslovakia [Skupina surrealistů v ČSR], as it has been named in 1934, constituted of the very important part of Czechoslovak cultural life.  (more…)



Opening of the exhibition:

on Friday, December 5, 2014 

9.00pm at HDA – House of Architecture

Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz, on that day open from 6pm until 10pm (more…)

Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest: SEPARATED OBJECTS – Adelina Ivan I Olah Gyarfas

Separated Objects is a project of/by Adelina Ivan and Olah Gyarfas, comprising of two installations regarding garments as material support of the artwork.

Opening Thursday, 11.12.2014, from 19:00 at Nicodim Gallery, Back Atelier, Bucharest, Cantacuzino Palace (side entry, 1st floor), 141 Victoria Street

Adelina Ivan’s concept explores garments as artworks testing new processes of construction of meaning.

The complementary pairs of two colors reveal grey. Depending on the light's intensity, the result will be either white or black. In order to reduce the light that would otherwise be reflected, the same mix used for producing black applies for producing white.

The meaning of a word depends on the context in which it appears – when combined, they cancel each other.

Depending on the surface upon which they are projected, the white becomes black and the black turns into white. (more…)

Kunsthaus Graz: Damage Control

Damage Control

Art and Destruction Since 1950

14.11.2014-15.02.2015 10:00-17:00

Opening: 13.11.2014, 7 p.m.

Organized by Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (USA) in association with Mudam Luxembourg and Kunsthaus Graz

Curated by: Kerry Brougher (Director, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Los Angeles), Russell Ferguson (Professor, Department of Art, University of California, Los Angeles)

Project coordinator (Graz): Katrin Bucher Trantow 

Since the mid-20th century artists of various disciplines have demonstrated a growing interest in the concept of destruction or dismantling. Damage Control examines this theme from a historical perspective.

The art of our time has again and again reflected a world of violence: as a reaction to the two world wars, to the atomic bomb, or to images of annihilation in the media. Destruction pervades art production and has been employed by artists as a means of conveying institutional critique or expressing cultural anxiety while, often, keeping specific emotional or cultural references at a distance. (more…)

MIKLÓSSY Gábor @ Quadro Gallery, Cluj

MIKLÓSSY Gábor | Exercises

Opening:  Monday, 8th of December, 6 p.m.

9th of December 2014 – 7th of February 2015

Tuesday – saturday: 10 a.m. -1 p.m.; 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The show presents an almost unknown side of Gábor Miklóssy’s art, the small, palm-sized oil paintings which he simply called „exercises”. The works dating back to the 1960’s and 1970’s were made – according to those who knew the artist (his son and his disciples) – using the paint which remained on the palette after painting.

The term exercise also refers to the musician background of the painter, who in 1935-1936, parallel to his art studies in Budapest, also visited the Music Academy. As both painter and violonist he considered exercising more than just rehersal, rather, as a generative and inspiring process.

Ideas and chance released by the subconscious, the loose brush-work, the color combinations and drawing could all be starting-points for later compositions. (more…)

418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest: Workshop Cetate VII

Joana Grevers Foundation and 418 Contemporary Art Gallery invite you on Saturday, 13th of December, at 7pm, at the opening of the exhibition Workshop Cetate VII

The exhibition presents the artworks of Anca Bodea (Cluj-Napoca, Painting), Raphaelle Boutie (special guest from Paris, Painting and Drawing), Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu, Kinetic Art), Cristian Raduta (Bucharest, Sculpture, Installation) and Petrica Stefan (special guest from Timisoara, Painting) from the seventh edition of Cetate Arts Danube Artists-in-Residence which took place from July 25th to August 15th, 2014 at Barbu Druga Mansion in Cetate.

Touch Me Festival: It’s about time!

Touch Me Festival: It's about time!

Science and art in temporal equilibrium

Zagreb, 10.11. – 07.12.2014.

Last week of Touch Me Festival presents performance of nanobots Echo 10-9

After warming the atmosphere with performance 10 000 peacock feathers in foaming acid which left the visitors breathless at the opening ceremony of Touch Me Festival, intriguing and fun forensic workshops for young and adults and a series of lectures by artists and curators a three week journey through vertiginous time dimensions is getting closer to its final stop.

On Saturday, December 6th, 12 pm at Klovićevi dvori Gallery there is expecting you Echo 10-9  an audio-visual performance with nanobots, micro and macrofluids by Robertina Šebjanič (SI) and Aleš Hieng (SI).

Echo 10-9 impresses with its unique analogue esthetics of ambiental audio-visual landscapes created by the transformation of formal characteristics of materials right on the spot. In relation to micro and macrofluids, nanomaterials and fields of magnetic reaction, nanobots create their own choreography as a result of stimulated autopoetic chemical reactions which influence the sonic composition. Immersion of physics, chemistry and computer reveals invisible fields and expands sensory experience which questions perception itself and discovers small-sized worlds with different laws which co-exsists in many levels – like an insight into a new dimension which provides the ability to think of the world differently. (more…)

The Guide to an Unacceptable Behaviour @ MNAC, Bucharest


Things that Don't Matter

part of “Guide to an Unacceptable Behaviour”

The destitute widow of an army general. She plays the lottery and always chooses the same set of numbers. One time she doesn't get a ticket. That same week her numbers come up. Overwhelmed with guilt she decides to take her own life. 

Join us in an evening of speculation and reenactment on the subject of money and regret.

For a limited number of participants. Please sign up via email to contact@atelier35.eu until December 9'th 2014. (more…)

Gandy Gallery, Bratislava: WOMEN ON PAPER

Gandy gallery is delighted to announce WOMEN ON PAPER

Opening reception: Wednesday December 10 from 18.00 to 20.00 

Exhibition December 11,2014 – February 27 ,2015

35M2 Gallery, Prague: Jaromir Novotny / Lower Forms

35M2 Gallery and Café Pavlač would like to invite you and your friends on Thursday December čth from 7 pm to the exhibition opening

Jaromir Novotny / Lower Forms

Exhibition would go on Dec 5, 2014 – Jan 4, 2015

open daily (except christmas holidays with special opening times)

mon-fri 10 am – 7 pm

sat-sun 12 am – 7 pm

Salonul de proiecte, Bucharest: The Romanian-Bulgarian Union. A Retrospective

The Romanian-Bulgarian Union. A Retrospective

Opening: 4 December, 19.00

4 December 2014 – 15 February 2015

Artists: Marius Bercea, Dan Beudean, Răzvan Botiș, Rada Boukova, Radu Comșa, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Vikenti Komitski, Ivan Moudov, Vlad Nancă, Krassimir Terziev

With contributions by Zoran Georgiev, Lubri, Dimitar Solakov, Voin de Voin

Salonul de proiecte invited Vlad Nancă to curate an exhibition by Romanian and Bulgarian artists, based on the Romanian-Bulgarian Union initiated by Ivan Moudov, Krassimir Terziev and Vlad Nancă on 14 October 2006 in Krakow. The Union has operated up to now in the spirit of absurd/ironic/faux projects, such as "The Sofia Contemporary Museum of Art" (Ivan Moudov’s "Musiz" project) and "Polish Year in Madagascar" (a project in which Janek Simon invited invented Polish artists from Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia to take part in an exhibition in Antananarivo).

The Union’s main artistic achievement was being declared one of the sponsors of the thirteenth annual "Contemporary Art Week in Plovdiv" in 2007. The Union’s very limited activity highlighted the lack of cultural co-operation between the two countries, but its survival for eight years provides clear proof of the strong ties between the founding members. (more…)

Jecza Gallery, Timisoara: (R)evoluţia formei


(R)evoluţia formei

A project by Interart TRIADE Foundation and Paul Neagu Estate RO


28 November 2014, 19:00, Jecza Gallery, Timişoara

Exhibition: Paul Neagu. Regenerative Objects

Works from the private collections of Ovidiu Şandor, Dr Sorin Costina and Neagu Family

Curator: Horea AVRAM / Cluj-Napoca (more…)

BWA Art Gallery, Olsztyn: People Are Strange

People Are Strange 

24. X – 30. XI 2014    

BWA Art Gallery in Olsztyn, Poland



Artists: Justyna Adamczyk, Ewa Axelrad, Marta Borkowska, Ola Cieślak, Martyna Jakubowska, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Anna Orlikowska, Konrad Smoleński, Kamil Strudziński, Iza Tarasewicz, Mariusz Tarkawian, Patrycja Piwosz, Aleksandra Urban, Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela

Curator: Ewelina Bobińska

In the English language the adjective strange is inextricably linked to the noun stranger. This peculiar lexical relation reflects a common connotation, spread rather widely, irrespective of culture and geography. A Stranger – an entity formed beyond the homogeneous structure of a group – is a carrier of different values. This is what makes him, in the eyes of “legitimate” citizens, a potential threat to the law and order which has been hammered out in a given community. (more…)

Galateca Gallery, Bucharest: Henwood Library – Archive

Henwood Library – Archive

30 October 2014 – 30 January 2015

We are pleased to invite you on 30th October at 7:30 pm at the opening of “Henwood Library – Archive”, the second exhibition hosted at Galateca Gallery by British multidisciplinary artist Simon Henwood.

The exhibition features works by other artists that have influenced him throughout his life like Picasso, Chagall, Goya, Giacometti, Paolozzi, Andy Warhol and Sir Peter Blake. These artists have also inspired Simon to write his first novel 'Black Arc' also to be launched at Galateca. Also to be previewed are the artist's new portraits of Kids from Transylvania, a project started last summer after his 'Henwood Library – The Love of Books and Art' successful 2013 show at Galateca.  (more…)

Vartai Gallery, Vilnius: Contemporary Art Night

On December 5 2014 at 6:00 PM, Galerija VARTAI will host a Contemporary Art Night and offer an exclusive opportunity to acquire works by some of the most promising emerging artists with none costing more than 550 EUR. 

The selection will include works by Andrius Zakarauskas, Linas Jusionis, Mindaugas Lukošaitis, Elena Grudzinskaitė, Arnas Anskaitis, Ieva Mediodia, Jurga Barilaitė, Karolis Strautniekas. Each piece has its own story which yearns to be heard. 

Art must appeal to you. Only then will the artwork find its reflection in the eyes of the perceiver. The more art surrounds us, the more interesting are the stories taking root in our daily lives. 

Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories pop-up café will offer refreshments during the event. The craftsmen who roast the coffee and the baristas who prepare it will provide you with the opportunity to indulge in a very special menu featuring the dark drink. 

Don’t miss your chance to fall in love with a work of art and let contemporary art embrace you. 

Don’t believe those who claim that contemporary art costs a fortune…

ZAHORIAN&co GALLERY, Bratislava: Something in the Silence

Something in the Silence


curator: Silvia van Espen

Vernissage: 2 December at 6PM 

The exhibition runs until 6 February 2015

How to express the unclear, inexpressible, inexact, unprovidable…? How to express a personal experience or a feeling, that "inner immersion into the depths of nothing", where I am alone, all alone. Now, there is social media providing excellent conditions for exposing human privacy to the bones but there is still a boundary which we are unable to tresspass unless signs/symbols are used, and even that only in a space-time passage. Something in the Silence exhibition is presenting the latest works of two artists: Jiří Petrbok, a Czech painter and Štefan Papčo, a Slovak sculptor. Each of them is portraying the mystery of "what´s hidden inside" in his own remarkable way. (more…)

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