ZPACE: Zpace #2 Report

And so a second meeting from the meetings series of independent organizations and initiatives in Chisinau took place. On November 6, 2013, at Casa Zemstvei Guberniale, Zpace #2 was held.

If at the first meeting participated more NGOs, then to the second one active independent artists and initiatives from Chisinau were invited to dialogue. Alexandru Rusu (Teatrul Mic); Ronin Terente “Balade bolnave / LabbaTrissta & Parazitul proletar”; Alexandra Bobu (Clubul Poeților desculți); Vadim Tziganasj “Vinilurile filosofice” and Mircea Bobina “In the sidecar”, were the Zpace #2 participants.

Those who were present at the event had the chance to discover brave, inventive, ambitious and passionate young artists which love what they are doing. Being full of ideas and eager to make art in their own style, in the way they see and feel it, they started to create their projects investing money from their own pocket. Some of them, being employed  in state institutions,  can afford to invest more, some allocate their savings periodically. Others, beside their own investments, try to find money and  new ways to promote their product  and to carry out their projects. But, all of them succeed to create and to promote art in Republic of Moldova, to serve and delight the public with theatre performances, concerts, films, poetry readings, art criticism, etc., thus, contributing to the  development and maintenance of a free and diverse cultural process as forms and methods.

The meeting ended up with a discussion that was focused on the existing relationships between independent  initiatives and the state institutions, which are responsible for the development of culture in Moldova, among them the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Department of Chisinau Municipality. It was said that there is a need for greater support from the State to be given to active young people and artistic collectives. The existing bureaucratic procedures were also criticized as they become an obstacle for independent initiatives that are willing to access funds for culture – it was recommended to reduce the bureaucracy and simplify the application process. As independent initiatives can not compete (in fact) for funds distributed for culture, because they do not own a legal personality, it was recommended to establish an application procedure that would address particularly the initiatives and individuals active in the field of culture.

The lack of space and other resources was also brought into discussion (managers of culture, equipment and others), which slow down the development of independent initiatives.

The lack of communication between representatives of the independent cultural sector and state institutions was emphasized again and the creation of a platform that would encourage dialogue between civil society and the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova was proposed by those who were present.

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