0gms Gallery: Zlatin Orlov

0gms gallery presents: 

Zlatin Orlov 

02.02.2013 – 20.03.2013 

Opening: Saturday, 2nd

February 2013, from 7 pm to 10 pm 

From the sketch to the model and the materialization in space – Zlatin is seeking the challenges at every step of the sculptural process. He is dealing with the notion of positioning in space while provoking the laws of gravity and challenging perception by playing with colors and forms. 

0gms will exhibit a metal sculpture from the “Hidden Gravity” series especially created for this event. An important accent of the show will be the performance “True to the Original” (Certified Copy). Taking as a starting point the notary legalization of documents by stamping them with a “True to the Original” stamp, the artist will make portraits of his guests with the help of a copying machine, verifying the copies to be “certified”, thus questioning the meaning of the terms “copy” and “original”.

Zlatin Orlov graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, MA in “Metal Sculpture”. He has participated in numerous shows in Sofia, Plovdiv, Portugal and Germany. 

Zlatin Orlov was short-listed for the ESSL MUSEUM Art Award CEE in 2011.


12 Lyuben Karavelov Street, app. 11. Sofia 1142 – Bulgaria 

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