Zilberman Gallery: Selçuk Artut – Data Reality

With an exhibition that brings together elements of sound, interactive installation, and virtual reality, Selçuk Artut uses the four-roomed structure of Galeri Zilberman’s second floor exhibition space in Mısır Apartmanı as a tool. Combining multiple media and methods of production, the exhibition experience begins with a visualization of “brainstorming”—a vinyl map of ideas and sources of inspiration. The artist at times includes the viewers in the work and at times simply confronts them with a reflected image of themselves, exploring the boundaries of the viewer’s experience of art. Artut shows that disorientation can be used as a method of communication, interrogating the functionality of art objects.

Artut uses the random as an element in Analog Pixels through the interaction between the shape of the object and data in his work. The four-pieced work of simple, abstract visuality, combined with the element of sound traces the boundaries of the viewer’s perception. What You See is not What You See employs an amorphic object image that follows, shifts and plays with the viewer.

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