Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb: Images with Their Own Shadows

Richter Collection
Exhibition – David Maljković: Images with Their Own Shadows
September 15th to October 29th 2011

David Maljković (born in Rijeka, 1973), one of the most acknowledged Croatian media artists on the international scene, has accepted the Richter Collection invitation to present his project referring to the body of work of Vjenceslav Richter, architect and artist, as well as the modernist heritage with Richter as one of its most prominent representatives in Croatia, within the exhibition cycle SintArt.

Maljković, also globaly recognized by thematizing modernism and the social context it has originated from, and especially the collective amnesia and suppression, uses the Richter Collection project to reinterpret both Richter's work of art and the conditions of its creation.

The first link between Vjenceslav Richter and Maljković's new work, conceived specifically for the Richter Collection, is the artist's graphics cycle named Picture with its own Shadow. David Maljković claims Richter's title and, by slightly intervening, creates a new speculative and visual frame, which can be classified as the genre of spatial-specific film installation.

The work of art Images with Their Own Shadows originates and evolves from the legacy of the EXAT ideas, mentioned in one of Richter's less familiar statements: "… if there was such a thing as architecture without function, if it was actually a collage crucified in space, it would be a real spatial image experienced by the viewer from the inside, but in that case a part of the image would always be out of his range of sight." Guided by this idea, Maljković occupies the exhibition space of the Richter Collection, by completely transforming it into a space of artistic events, where he forms an entirely new reality in which he includes Vjenceslav Richter's works of art. That space provides them with a new interpretation, as well as a new function of destabilizing the boundary between fiction and reality. Furthermore, the artist develops an architectonic construction by using the motif of the work of art Truncated Cube (2001), through which Richter begins his explorations in the field of deconstruction "by opening inner spaces of a cube as new facts of art" (V. Richter, My thinking space, unpublished), by forming a field in which a film screening takes place.

Richter's cycle Picture with its own Shadow consists of six pictures/graphics, and from this position the question arises whether it is a coincidence that Maljković picks six sound clips through which he builds a story of Vjenceslav Richter's artisitic heritage, using similar dynamic that Richter used to gain figurative shapes of his system graphics abstract matrixes. Both artists, each from his own perspective and in his specific way, include the viewer in active participation.

Curator: Vesna Meštrić

Opening hours: Exhibition days (Tuesday – Saturday) from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Free entrance.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš Richter Collection
Vrhovec 38, Zagreb

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