You are kindly invited to attend

You are kindly invited to attend

5th September – 2nd October 2012

OPENING: 4th September, 7 PM – 9.30 PM

PROJECT CURATOR: Branka Stipancic

Participating artists:

Boris Cvjetanovic


Vlado Martek

Dalibor Martinis

Mladen Stilinovic

Goran Trbuljak

Josip Vaništa

In 1962 in Zagreb Josip Vaništa, the head of Gorgona Group, sent an invitation to fifty addresses chosen from the address book of Studio G. The invitation read as follows: “You are kindly invited to attend” without saying where or why they were invited. The invitation card mentioned practically nothing specific, except asserting a simple thought: invitation to Nothing. 

The work speaks of absence and silence. Silence, as Susan Sontag says in her famous essay “Aesthetics of Silence,” is only one element in a work of art. “As long as a human eye is looking, there is always something to see. To look at something which is ‘empty’ is still to be looking, still to be seeing something – if only the ghosts of one’s own expectations. In order to perceive fullness, one must retain an acute sense of the emptiness which marks it off…” The statement “You are invited…” makes use of a social convention too, in order to distort it and to function subversively in art. By inserting itself into the very structure of the way the gallery works, it criticizes it from within. The work is entirely outside the pictorial tradition and opens up many questions about the gallery context. At the same time, it is a neo-Dada provocation that confuses, a conceptual action that raises the basic questions: what, where and why?

The works have been chosen on the basis of the concept of either absence or emptiness, as well as on the notion that the works are defined through the elements of the artistic context. Accordingly works from the following artists from Zagreb have been selected: Mangelos, a member of the Group Gorgona which was active in Zagreb in the 1960s, and the works by the generation of Conceptual and Postconceptual artists: Goran Trbuljak, Dalibor Martinis, Mladen Stilinović, Vlado Martek and Boris Cvjetanović.

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