Ya Galley Art Center, Kiev: The Race

from series "Cockfights", 2012, canvas, acrylic, enamel

20.04 – 02.06.12
The Race. Mykyta Kravtsov

We are inviting you to the opening of "The Race" exhibition that will take place in Ya Galley Art Center in Dnipropetrovks from 19.00 to 21.30 on Friday, April 20th.
"At the end of the XIX century people developed a strong position regarding drugs, and this position was based on the concept of individual profit and governmental purposes. Medical, pharmaceutical and other influential organizations understood the treat that drug addition poses to certain social groups: women, working people and youth. Never the less, while feeling disgust and fear towards drug addiction many people in the late XIX century sympathized with drug addicts. They cursed drug abuse for the purposes of escaping reality or receiving sensual pleasure, but thought that drug addiction is a form of physiological slavery, which lessens drug addict's guilt…"

H. Wayne Morgan. Yesterday's Drug Addict


The race is cannibalism, where in the foul smell of misfortune and losses winners are devoured.

Thousand of mouths grinning with unfriendly smiles ready to spit in your face and piss on your head – only for the fact that you exist. These damned boas are trying to digest us alive, happily accepting the stakes. Different species compete for the same means of survival and conditions of procreation.

Scream spreads over the stands… What is competition? Rivalry? Opposition and competitive struggle between several parties to achieve recognition (acknowledgement) – or aimed at supporting biological instinct of survival?..

Beads of sweat flows down the disfigured with fear faces of people, spasmodically squeezing winning tickets in their hands…

Can winning bring a prize? In the struggle of biological species for survival the winner can acquire the best territory for life. Winning male will win affections of the female. But the scale of competitiveness differs: some competitions can seem fun and interesting, but wars between countries and people are examples of cruelest struggle, that can originate only in human society.

End of the war is an illusion. Combat operations in a much smaller and simpler for happen every day. But we are not Spartans who could squeeze there dick between legs, clench their teeth, flex their muscles and courageously deflect strikes. We are weakened with epidemics and natural disasters, brainwashed by mass media and a little rotten inside, people unable to withstand even a spit in the face – not a strike in the back. We are constantly knocked out of our habitual ways not even with a high-pressure stream, but with just splashes – of fate peeing nearby.

You follow the competitors from tribunes, but don't suspect that your palms start sweating from the tension because the real rivals are on you both sides. Biting your lower lip, you start to run your eyes from the table to the field, back and forth.

Competition is a social form of collision between subjects of market economy in the process of realization of their individual economic interests.

Too horrifying vibrations pulsated in the crows. Hand decidedly refuse to do what you planned…

It is the peak of cynicism – to perceive people exclusively as consumers, to sell them fake dreams, to assure them that they will become richer and happier if they place a bid. Race is when everyone is on the extreme , and you will never win the race if don't decide for yourself what direction to take.

Nine is not a bad number. Numerology. And odd number, masculine and active, heavenly and angelic. Carries an exceptional significance in most cultures as a threefold (triple) triad and the first square degree among odd numbers. Meaning of the nine as a symbol of universe and truth is also based on one of its mathematic characteristics: if multiplying number 9 in the decimal system by any natural number written in one digit, the sum of the result's digits equals 9. This characteristic of nine is imagined as its ability to recreate itself. Pythagoras wrote: "All things can be presented as numbers". For ancient people numbers were mysterious and sacred. They were encrypted in symbols, but were symbols of the Divine world harmony. A number corresponded to a letter of the alphabet in all languages. Number is geometric and material: it is a knot, a cut, a point, planar or spacial shape. Number has a weight, a measure of length. Every number is significant in numerology.           

Many bet on luck. On number. On a happy number. Others pessimistically look at the evaluation of the horse, a number of successful runs, standing knee-deep in losing tickets. But all of them – winners and losers – will be enveloped in whirl of narcotic excitement, widening their pupils. Run after run, every 15 minutes. In broadcast continuously.

Pour myself some beer…

Light fear of misunderstanding, that made me uncomfortable before is replaced with a pleasant feeling of muscle relaxation and absolute vacuum in the head.

I am a player now. I am a horse. I am a black stallion with a croup tightly fitted with muscles, skin on the chest    cracked from tension. Clouds of smoke belch from my nostrils, and from the anus – flames sizzling those who stayed behind.

Time stopped…

I inhale…

You smile at me sweetly…

A signal goes…

The race has started…

Mykyta Kravtsov, Paris, January 3, 2012


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