YA Gallery, Kiev: LOVE

07.03 – 07.04.12
LOVE. Mykola Kolomiets

Participant of exhibitions New Old Masters in Lviv National Art Gallery and in Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum, student of the legendary Yevhen Bykov, this time prepared a series of works where a collective image of a modern girl from social networks is constructed in classical portrait style and technique. The author explores the reverse side of beauty – when deformity starts to shine in a completely different, magical light.

Time of youth, swelling, renewal and revival is coming. Time of girls is coming.
On the eve of the holiday of spring, holiday with a gender connotation, an exhibition of young Kharkiv artist Mykola Kolomiets opens in Ya Gallery. His Venuses, Lucretias and Judiths, smiling from the paintings, will wake the sleeping bears of our hearts from winter sleep, and, behind the gallery windows, the fountain of life will vibrate, breaking through snow and ice. This implies not only the factor of seasonal change, but, so to speak, historical situation.

And the situation lies in the fact that modern world, the world it has become now, with its experience, overloaded with events that caused great shifts, changes and turns, with its discoveries and accomplishments, with its, God forgive, thorny path, got to a certain limit, where there appeared a need to stop and make sense of everything, remember everything, give names to it, sign it and provide an explanation to each exhibit. This process of remembering got too lengthy, and good old world started to shrink, become petty and senile in its endless moving of objects from place to place. It happened so that during this museum wordplay "clarity of thought was lost", as well as precision of worldview, and humans became confused, not knowing how and, in fact, what to react to in this spattered stain of contemporaneity. Live organism started to adapt and grow stronger. After all, we have grown strong enough to stop feeling and to trust words and definitions exclusively. Somewhere in this tense search for senses and concept definitions, intoxication with life, joy of the moment and emotionality were lost. Only the hypertrophied machinery of thinking can be heard.

Series of paintings by Mykola Kolomiets LOVE calls to feel. It is not even a call, more of an invitation, intimate and tactful. Girls on the paintings, so real, as if familiar, say: "Don't worry, dude! All you need is love. You need nothing more, at least, at this moment". They say this and smile, each one in her own way. Extreme attention to detail and naturalism of the image make them accessible, they let you in their world easily and share the joy of existence, their bruises and moles, flower scents and swollen veins on the arms, ripe cherries and plums, sweet broken water-melon and wasps on it. Ripeness, readiness to survive and complete openness make the girls elements of emotional Dutch still lives, where the artist has gathered and subtly, with love carved with his pencil the dearest to him. It is the sincerity of the author that he dared to express without hiding behind the names. Still, besides the realism and physicality of the images, the paintings are filled with some strange atmospheric mystification, dream, memory, something familiar, but forgotten, instancy of a gesture or posture and vagueness between real and mystical, attractive and ugly, enviable and repulsive. All this refers us to Bosсh and Gogol. Cousin's friend at once becomes a witch with blue manicure and a chupacabra on her shoulder, or Venus with a red car. And eyes, these almond-shaped mysterious eyes, that are suddenly drunk either on vodka, or on life. In general, it all looks as if Mykola Kolomiets brought to Paris's trial all the demons from his childhood and all his loves, all his biography and faith in awakening, total awakening from hibernation.  

Vasyl Skakun

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