Ya Gallery, Dnipropetrovsk: NOIR

Noir. Oleksandr Korol

25.04 – 08.06.13

Noir is Oleksandr Korol's second personal exhibition in Ya Gallery, Dnipropetrovsk.

Without attempting to provide answers to any questions, the artist puts the main hero of the project – the Person who Draws – on the front line. Like a mummy from a 1990s American horror movie, he attracts attention and becomes a place for a "nuclear explosion" of art in the art-center space. Art that was fortunately outlined by the artist with the French term "noir" (noir – black).

A whole epoch of noir black-and-white crime comics, novels and films walks in front of Homo Sapiens's eyes, whose alternative is depicted in the image of Dr. Art. Noir was especially popular during wars and social depressions. The titles of works that emerge on the pieces of paper and transfer to the wall remind exactly of the times of noir.

Return of fashion for noir in 1990s, when, among other things, Korol himself held active communion of art, completed the formation of new canons of the so-called neo-noir.  The hero's attraction to the dark side of life becomes a reflection of his split consciousness, that progressively caters to darkness (dark side in drawing "Dilemma"). Obviously, in the XXI century, which leveled the very principle of good and evil confrontation, neo-noir acquired a right to exist only as a number of stylistic techniques that successfully match Oleksandr Korol's own artistic manner: a convoluted plot, a twisted perspective and black-and-white worldview reflected in contrasting scenes. 

The background of comic strips in project Noir, as in the artist's previous works, is invariably black-and-white. According to the laws of noir, his hero also grows up, advancing from infancy to adolescence – with relevant fears and illusions that are discussed on the scale of world's myths. The magic power of these drawings is in their childish sincerity that the artist works with while touching upon themes of death and apocalypse, borrowing literary techniques from the creators of decadence, and stylistic – from neo-expressionists. The artistic gesture in the spirit of Basquiat reaches its climax in the symbolic "graffiti" in the open air that the artist dooms to quick extinction. On the floor of the terrace, the relentless suction of Chronos into the black hole will be stopped by natural factors and will dissolve in space, opening a parallel dimension.

Pandora box is the entrance to the mystical world of Noir in the drawings. It releases all the possible fears of humanity, of old testament Golem and somatic experiences of the hero – the Person who Draws – onto paper. The place of hope that was left at the bottom of Pandora box is occupied by art – an alternative space constructed thanks to the white doors installation included in the exposition. Life or death? What is behind these doors?

Olena Yegorushkina

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